My Favourite Place in the World.

"Read 2" by bypolar-bear

Books… Are they not marvellous things? So small, yet capable of giving us hour upon hours of entertainment on their own without the help of any computer or TV screen. Not to mention how they inspire thoughts, musings and dreams… Some books never leave me, though I finished reading them years ago, I still carry them in my heart, and at random moments, I will take them out of my book-case (which is packed, btw) to re-read them, and fall in love with them all over again.

Books makes me believe that I can do something more with my life, that I can become something, they inspire my hopes and dreams, and give me goals.

I sometimes wish everyone shared my love for books, that everyone could learn to appreciate them as I do, but then I realize that it would not be a good thing. For who would then write the books? Who would print them, and who would sell them? And who would challenge my mind if everyone was like me?

When I meet someone, I like to try and see the world from their point of view, just like I would read a book from the main character’s point of view. I like to try and understand them, to see what motivates and drives them. I like reading articles written not only by people who think like me, but people with different priorities, because it challenges me to look closer at my own priorities and to try and understand theirs. But if everyone was like me, meeting new people would be very boring. And quite frankly, the world would stop, because I have no interest in large parts of it. For example, we would all walk around in comfortable clothes, no one would bother with sports, and we’d all have a serious coffee and tea addiction. No, the world would not survive more than one of me.

"Autumn Days" by Uxuee

On a brighter note, I am going to one of my favourite places in the world today, the library. Now, this library could do with some changes, it is far too open for my taste, there’s not enough corners or comfortable places where one can hide away with a good book, also there is far too much noise, too many children playing loud games, because as much as I love children, I prefer them to be quiet when I want to read, but I don’t care about all of that. The library has books, thousands and thousands of unexplored worlds, and that’s all I require to feel comfortable and happy. Not to mention the fact that I am lucky enough to get paid for being there. Sure, I have to put books back in their place upon the shelves, being a librarian and all, but that is but a great opportunity to get to know them.

Now, I could write about this for hours, I could tell you about my dreams of opening up a book-café, and I could tell you about my dream house where I would have a library full of books and comfortable chairs in front of a fire-place, but I’m going to stop now. Instead, I would like to hear about your favourite place in the world. Where is it? What makes it so special to you? Is it the atmosphere? Or is it wonderful memories that makes you seek back to that place?


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4 Responses to My Favourite Place in the World.

  1. Pinkjumpers says:

    Books are wonderful. Well certianly a good some are! I love reading also 🙂
    Perhaps you wouldn’t mind leaking some preffered authors?
    I never turn down a good reccomendation 🙂

    • Dravite says:

      Certainly! At the moment I’m reading the Black Dagger Brotherhood books by J.R.Ward, but they can be a bit over the top-macho on occasions. But somehow, it works for her books, because the Brotherhood is not human, so the characters aren’t your usual Mary Sue/ Gary Stue.

      If you want something thrilling and addictive though, I recommend the books by Jeaniene Frost. But be warned, you might just fall in love with the male main character. They’re exciting, witty, funny, and sure to make you day-dream about a certain British Vampire.

      -I have been reading a lot about vampires lately, I’ve always preferred the Fantacy genre, and I try to discover the books myself rather than letting the latest movie-hysteria find them for me. I have tried some of the series like ‘House of Night’ or ‘Divine by Mistake’ by Cast, but the constant drama and how the heroine has to be perfect and have every male on two (or four) legs lusting after her gets on my nerve. Poor her for having to chose between her lovers.

      If you want to read something witty and almost possible, I suggest “Tall, dark and dead” by Tate Hallaway. It’s about a girl named Garnett (her parents were hippies and named her after a rock) who is a witch. A real one, not a wand-swinging one, it’s the only book I’ve read that’s actually true to reality when it comes to witches.

      It all depends on what you like to read, really, and why you read. I love to get lost in other worlds…

  2. gothweniel says:

    Your writing is amazing. It brings me into this calm and relaxed state of books and tea. Bliss.

    My favourite place in the world? I haven’t found it yet. I know that I want it to be either the garden I’m going to have at some point, or it’s going to be the window seat in the library I’m going to have.

    • Dravite says:

      Why, thank you!
      Ah, window seats and libraries… Now that brings me straight back into the dream about the house I will have at some point… You know, I just have to rob a bank or something first

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