Cats and Women.

I was watching Catwoman the other day, and I am once again reminded of how much I want a cat. The more I think about it, the more I’m looking forwards to living in my own apartment, one that is slightly bigger than this tiny room, one where I will be allowed to have a pet.

I love the beginning of the movie Catwoman, the music, the old pictures of strong minded women and cats… It setts such a wonderful mood. The movie itself is okay, but it’s the beginning and the end that I love. I was trying to find just the song, it’s supposed to be called “Cat Lore” by Klaus Badelt, but I’ve had no luck in finding it, so I’ll just have to do with the entire opening from youtube.

For centuries, cats have been associated with witches, dark magic and evil. Now, most people know, or they should know, that real witches rarely dabble in dark magic, and they’re certainly not evil. But just like cats, they do what they want, they don’t purposely hurt anyone, but they’re free. So it’s not really that strange that most witches chooses a cat as their familiar, because just like the witch, a cat is loving and caring, but free and independent. You may feed it, you may love it, you may cuddle it and care for it, and it will care for you in return, but you may never own it the way you own a dog or a gold fish.

When I’m getting a cat, I’m going to buy it. Most cats are mixed race, and thus they are given away for free, but I want a pure-bred one, not because I’m snotty or because I think they’re worth more, but because I want to know what kind of living creature I’m taking into my home. Just like with dogs, the cat breeds have different qualities. And the more I look at the Bengal Cat, the more I want one. They’re so beautiful and elegant, and slightly easier to come by than the Egyptian Mau.

Don’t tell me this isn’t one of the most beautiful creatures you’ve ever seen? Also, they’re said to be quite fond of water, unlike most cats, they’re known to walk into the shower or jump into the sink if the water is running. Now how cute isn’t that?

I know, I know, I sound like a batty old woman, don’t I? But I think a cat would be a wonderful being to live with. Having three younger sisters, I’m quite relieved to be living on my own now, but it does get lonely. So in a way, I’m like a cat myself, independent and in need of some alone-time, but quite caring and cuddly on occasions.And unlike a dog, a cat doesn’t so much beg for your attention all the time. If it wants to be petted, it will jump into your lap, and is quite content with laying there, enjoying the warmth as you read or watch TV, while dogs has a tendency to bump your hand until you capitulate and start petting it. Not that I don’t love dogs, I do, I think they’re wonderful companions, and amongst the most loving, caring and forgiving creatures in the world (much more so than humans) but personally, a cat would suit me better.

How about you? Are you a cat or a dog person?

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3 Responses to Cats and Women.

  1. Oldcat says:

    I’m a cat person…can’t you tell from the name?

    Cats do make great companions. One thing about the Bengal – it’s a very high energy cat. It could wear you out, or get into things out of boredom. I’ve seen owners get giant hamster wheels for them to keep them exercised. You might want to look into figuring out one that better fits your lifestyle with a limited amount of space.

    Animal Planet has a show, Cats 101 on different breeds, that you can see on TV or see clips on the Web.

    Another thing to consider is that rescue organizations have a lot of purebred pets that are abandoned in shelters just like mixed breed cats. Often the fosters can tell you about the cat’s personality from their observation. And the fees are less than from a breeder, if that’s a consideration. is good for seeing what’s available near where you live.

    I got a Himalayan cat (colorpoint Persian) from a shelter just last year, in fact.

    Sorry to blather on, and hope you get the perfect cat soon.

    • Dravite says:

      I would never get a cat or any kind of pet while living as I do now, it would be irresponsible. Not until I know I’ll be able to provide for him or her.
      And don’t worry, I love blather! I looked at that page, but sadly, I think they only list shelters in America… There’s very few shelters in my country, I haven’t heard of any actually…

  2. gothweniel says:

    No matter how much I love cats and think them beautiful creatures, I’m still more fond of dogs. Of course, having grown up with them, it’s understandable:P But that it has to be said: the cat on the picture is absolutely beautiful!

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