Like a Rainstorm?

I read a blogpost the other day over at “Enchanting the Day” about how, despite that no one ever vacuums or cleans outside, it still seems much cleaner and fresher than our homes… The rain, wind and sun does the job, so when we are cleaning and clutter clearing, we are actually channeling a rainstorm, and we don’t only clean the floors and tables, but also the air and the energy.

I agree with this, but how come it is so hard to get started? Maybe it’s just me that has a short attention span, but every time I make up my mind about cleaning, I get started and do perhaps a corner, then I get distracted by something I find, and bam! -There goes my motivation to tidy. Like now, I started tidying, then this thought struck me, and I had to write it down, so here I am, sitting on my bed surrounded by an untidy mess and should-have-been-vacuumed floors, while typing away at this post. Does rainstorms ever have this problem?

“Now I’m feeling a bit hungry, and I can feel a headache coming, so maybe I should just postpone this cleaning-project for tomorrow? No wait, I’m working then… But I can do it after work…” A thousand excuses keeps running through my head, but deep down, I know that after dinner, I’ll be even less motivated, and after work tomorrow, I’ll most likely have another excuse to not get started again. Still, not just getting started, but continuing cleaning as well is so hard!

So I’m wondering, how does the rainstorm do it?! And you, how do you get your butt up from that oh-so-comfortable sofa/chair/bed and get started? And how do you keep yourself from getting distracted by a book you’ve been meaning to read, or whatever other sparkly objects? Not to mention, how do you stop yourself from just moving the mess around? Because I do that a lot, I move clothes from the floor to a chair, to the bed, and clutter from the table to the desk to the bookshelf, and it never really gets any more tidy. Please, I desperately need your advice here, or a powerful kick in the butt to prevent me from sitting on it all day.
How do you stay on path?


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