Evermore, Everless

Good morning, world! Where I am, the morning doesn’t look so good yet, the sky is grey and there’s rain on my windows, but I’m hoping it’ll clear up soon. If not, at least it will make it easier for me to channel that rainstorm I was talking about yesterday.

In my time-zone, it is not even 9am yet, far too early to be up on a Saturday. But alas, some of us have to work to let the rest of you enjoy your day off, so I think we should all take a moment to appreciate everyone who works during holidays, on national holidays (like Christmas and Easter morning) and those who work on Saturdays and Sundays. Without you, our days off would be utterly boring.

Now, as I opened my mail this morning, a page called “Bloglovin.com” , a page that makes it much easier to keep track of all the blogs you want to subscribe to, decided to give me a heart-attack by claiming that today was Sunday the 4th. This early, before coffee, that was a very cruel thing to do, and had me panicking and wondering where Saturday had gone, and if I had slept through a day. My computer however (bless you, Baron) informed me that today is in fact a Saturday.

I had troubles sleeping last night, so stumbling over to my book-shelf, I picked out a book to read, hoping to at least get my eyes tired (I need to cut down on the caffeine). I ended up picking the book Evermore by Alyson Noël, a book I’ve heard about, (being a librarian and all, I tend to hear about a lot of books) but had yet to look closer at.

Now, I apologize to all of you who like this book, we all have our different taste, but it had me raising an eyebrow from page two. Maybe it will get better, i intend to read the entire book to give it a chance to improve, but at chapter seven, it still hasn’t improved.

The book strikes me as a mix between Twilight, The Vampire Diaries, and The Southern Vampire series. Add into the mix a few kilos of angsty-fanfiction, and you’ve got yourself this book. The main character is named Ever, and she has lost her entire family in a car-accident, leaving her to live with her aunt. (As did Elena in The Vampire Diaries, and Sookie in “True Blood”/The Southern Vampire Series). Now, as heartbreaking this could have been, it happened before the book starts, and how she misses her family isn’t really the point. The point is that she feels guilty because she survived (which is normal), and because she feels like it’s her fault for letting them go. Apparently she saw them cross over a bridge and didn’t follow, and thus it is her fault that they died. This alone made me quite annoyed at her, for me, it makes no sense, she didn’t drive the car, she was a passenger, and as far as I can tell, they weren’t there because of her, nor did she distract the driver or in any other way cause the accident, so why would it be her fault? But I could have lived with that.

Another thing about Ever, is that she is psychic. She can read minds, and see auras, something which gets intensified when she touches someone, thus she dressed is baggy clothes and a hoodie. Along comes Damen, a drop-dead-gorgeous guy who transfers inn, and for some reason he seems to be interested in her, and she can’t read his mind or see his aura. At this part, it all seemed very familiar to me, like Sookie and Edward, she can read minds, and starts to fall for the one person she can’t read, and Damen transfers in just like Stefan did in the Vampire Diaries. Furthermore, seeing auras is a good thing, though Ever doesn’t seem to realize this, and if I could see auras, and suddenly met one who didn’t have one, I’d turn around and run in the opposite direction.

Six chapters into the book, Ever strikes me as a typical Mary-Sue. She is beautiful and has powers, but because the author wants us to like her, he isn’t popular, she is called a freak, and dresses in baggy clothes, because no one likes to read about the ones who dresses like a whore. She has lost her family, so we have to feel sorry for her, and it’s all her fault (oh the angst and the drama!) and despite her being the only one who doesn’t want to pull Damen into a broom-closet and shag the living daylight out of him, she’s the one he seems to pay interest to. Personality-wise, she seems to be rather empty, ready for you to fill her up with yourself and for her to become you, though this might (hopefully) change after a few more chapters.

Now, I’m off to make myself a cup of decent coffee (decaff doesn’t taste like coffee, and I don’t care if it’s better for me, I need my regular-black-as-night coffee) and get to work. I’ll give you an update about the book once I’ve read more of it, and we’ll see if it is as predictable as I fear. For now, I wish you all a happy weekend, may it be filled with sunshine, (the sun has to be somewhere, right? And it’s certainly not here, so it might as well be wherever you are) coffee, chocolate, books and good friends.


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