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Blessed morning/afternoon/evening to you all, depending on where you live!

Here, it’s raining outside, or more like pouring really… But rather than complaining about it, I’m going to appreciate the fresh, clean air, and how it gives mean excuse to curl up with a good conscience.

I have a confession to make though… I love meat. I’m a healthy mix of a Pagan/Wiccan/Hedge Witch and a lot more, and everywhere I see other witches going Vegan, and talking about how much better they’re feeling because of it, how good it feels to get all the toxins out of their bodies, and how much healthier it is. I would love to follow their examples, I really would, I don’t feel good about eating meat, it doesn’t feel quite right when I know that it’s not really necessary. But giving up chicken… That’s going to be so hard, I just love all the good food I can make with it… Like Chicken Wok, Taco, Fajitas and so much more… No one in my family is vegan, never have been, and probably never will be. I’ve grown up eating meat every day, practically with every meal, so cutting out the meat is going to bring with it a major dietary change for me.

However, three years ago, I was given this really good, huge cook-book for Christmas, and I’ve barely even used it. Cooking for one is rather boring, you don’t make the most spectacular dishes, you just add a dish of that and a dash of that into the frying pan, adding some chicken and water chestnuts, and voilĂ , you have yourself something that will fill your tummy. However, this book has an entire chapter (page 271-298) with lovely vegetarian dishes. I have long been wanting to try some more advanced cooking, and why not start there?

Am I making any sense to you? What I’m trying to say is that I have decided to go through these dishes one by one, trying out different vegetarian dishes, to see if this is something I can live with. I’ll continue eating dairy and eggs, I don’t see any harm in that, seeing as the eggs would never become chickens anyway, no one has died to provide them, and dairy… Well, first of all, the same goes for milk as for eggs, and second; I need milk in my coffee. And without coffee…Well, lets just say I wouldn’t recommend encountering me before noon. I’ll also continue eating fish, I don’t eat much fish as it is (growing up by the coast, I’m spoiled when it comes to fresh fish), but I’ve been meaning to eat more of it, and it’s so good for us. I’m doing this project because I want to eat more healthy, I want to feel good about what I put into my mouth.

So where to start? I believe I’m going to start of with a “Mushroom-Stroganoff”. I just have to google the ingredients first, because I have no idea what all of this is… Wish me luck!

How about you? Do you think about what you eat a lot? Are you a vegetarian? Why/why not? And last but not least, do you have any good vegetarian recipes that you would recommend?


Edit: I lasted 3 days and 3 dishes… Turns out I need a more student-friendly vegetarian cookbook… 01/12 20013

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