Hockus Pockus in a Martini glass.

It’s summer, it’s warm, I have a friend coming over, and I don’t have work until Friday. Can life get better? What can I do to make it better? Why, make ‘Hocus Pockus’ of course!

Lately, I’ve been making my own Lemonade, and it tastes divine!

Bottles of Lemonade in my Window Still

  • One part Lemon Juice.
  • One part sugar, heated up with one part spring water until the sugar melts.
  • 3-4 parts spring water.

That’s all it takes, put it in a mug in the fridge, or better yet in a pretty bottle like I did to make it look even more appetising. As you can see from the picture of my kitchen window still, it’s currently grey outside and it’s raining, but the lemonade tastes just as good. Sitting in that window still with a cup of tea or a glass of Lemonade is the best part of my day. The point with this is that I have a lot of lemons in my fridge, and a friend recently stumbled across the recipe for a drink named ‘Hocus Pocus’, containing one part Gin, one part Cointreau, and one part Lemon juice. Now, being a witch and all, I just had to try this one out! Besides, I love Gin, and I have both Cointreau (from an experiment with Margaritas) and Lemon juice.

So, as a third friend and fellow witch is coming over today (there’s a book sale we can’t miss), she’s bringing Gin, and we’re making Hocus Pocus! I tried it a week ago, and it’s a dangerous drink, I swear it goes straight to your head, like magic 😉

I also went out and bought Martini glass yesterday, because drinking cocktails from a milk-glass just isn’t the same. Besides, I’ve always wanted to try Martinis, so armed with Vermont, Gin and olives, in addition to Cointreau and Lemons, I think it’s going to be a damn good night. When the sky is grey, why not create your own sunshine?

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