Hush Hush, my Fallen Angel

It’s Sunday evening now, though this post will probably not be out until tomorrow morning. Today was my day off, and what have I been doing? Enjoying the weather? Done some laundry? Oh no, I’ve been reading with brief bathroom breaks. I’ve even mostly neglected to eat…

Don’t you just love it when a book takes hold of you like that? I started reading a “reading-copy” of the Norwegian translation of ‘Hush Hush’ by Becca Fitzpatrick. The Norwegian title literally translates into “Fallen Angel”, which is exactly what the book is about. The Norwegian translation won’t hit the stores until the 25th of August, but seeing as I work at a library and a book store, I managed to get my hands on it. Yes, that fact makes me feel almighty. I’m a Book-Goddess.

I really liked the book, and I highly recommend it if you enjoy fantasy. It has romance, mysteries, a tall, dark, extremely handsome, mysterious male, and of course danger. It’s a thriller, you know /someone/ is after Nora, the female main character, but you never know who, and though I sometimes wanted to shake her like a puppet, she wasn’t /too/ annoying. I’ve had to endure worse heroines. I loved the fact that she’s not perfect, though she was a bit too young and skinny for me to be able to identify myself with her. We didn’t have much in common, but she wasn’t empty, she did have a personality, and I think I like her.

So what to do? I know what I won’t do, I won’t wait for the second book to be translated, that’s for sure. I’ve already given my trusted Kindle a whiplash, downloading (more or less legally) the second book, Crecendo. And I can’t wait for Patch  to whisk me away again in his strong arms… No wait… That never actually happened outside my head… Oh well, a girl can dream…

The sad part about this though, is that I’ll never be able to settle for a mundane man. I’ve read too many books to ever be able to, which can be proven by the fact that I’ve never been able to fall in love with a man who actually exists outside books… Pathetic, I know… But if that is the prize I have to pay for my love of books, I’ll happily pay it.

How about you? Have you read any books lately that sucked you in from page one?



Ps: For those of you who read my last post… Hocus Pocus, Martinis and ‘Vampire Voodoo’ was a really really really bad idea… I’m tempted to swear that I’ll never drink again.
I just love the covers of these books… Now, I’m off to make myself some food, a cup of tea, and probably spend the rest of the night with the book Cresendo.

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