Season Of The Witch

Warning: The following post will contain spoilers. If you have not seen the movie, and plann to do so, reading on might not be such a good idea.

The movie Season Of The Witch is currently resting on my hard drive, and though I had my suspicions about it, I had to watch it. I mean, Nicolas Cage is in it, how bad can it be?

… Less than five minutes into the movie, and I am already groaning. It does what so many other movies do. Though history and society recognize that a lot of innocent women were spared, they still portray witches as an old, ugly woman who does evil and worships the devil. When in reality, witches don’t even believe in such thing as a devil, and though we can do things that others don’t do, it’s not to say that others don’t have the ability to do them, they just lack the knowledge and training. If I were to be hanged and drowned, I’d die. I’d be dead, my body empty and my spirit reunited with the Mother Goddess. I would not need Latin words spoken over my body, and they would certainly not cause me to shake and almost come back to life. Nor would the lack of such words spoken over my body cause me to come back to life, shoot out of the water and hang the priest who ordered me to be killed. Scenes like this is part of what gives witches such a bad image, we’re not all old hags (though there is nothing wrong with being old, in fact, wisdom is a gift of age and should be treasured), but regular women, just like you.

And we’re not green. Holy water does not burn us unless you mix it with acid. This kind of movies may be entertaining, but they are not correct, not politically, not historically, and not ethically.true, in the end it had nothing to do with witchcraft, but they still talk about witches as evil, pulling parallels to demon possession, though witches don’t even believe in the devil, he is a pure Christian invention, nothing more.

It was an entertaining movie though, and usually I like these historic movies, like Kingdom of Heaven, King Arthur, Braveheart, and so many more. But this one, I can not like, and though I might tolerate the main parts of it, since it was proven that she was never a witch in the first place, the intro is not something I can approve of.


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One Response to Season Of The Witch

  1. gothweniel says:

    A good rant there. Did it feel good to get it out? I hate films and such that does that, I completely understand the need to rant *nods*

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