Autumn and Fortune Telling

There’s now been a full 24 hours of rain. None stop, pouring down in buckets. Clearly nature is having a throughout cleaning spree, and let me tell you this, it’s certainly working. Never have the air been clearer or easier to breath, the temperature is just perfect.

I’m traveling now, again, having been home for a wedding, so sadly I don’t have the opportunity to fully appreciate the nice weather, but as soon as I get home, I will. It’s not too hot, nor too cold, a few clouds in the sky to shield me from the burning sun, and a nice breeze to cool my cheeks.

If you haven’t guessed as much by now, I love autumn. I always find the summer too sticky and hot, and the winter gets a bit too dark, but autumn is just perfect. The sun is starting to sett again (we have midnight sun during the summers. Pretty, but impossible to sleep through), the air is cooling a little, the baby animals have grown into adulthood (read: the mothers aren’t going ballistic any more) and all in all, life is pretty good. Yes, I think this is going to be a good last week before school starts again.

I promised you a picture of my idea box, so here goes…

You can only see a little of it, because honestly, a picture of just the box looked lonely, and I got the urge to play with my cards…

As you can see, it’s not regular cards, but different kinds of cards I’ve picked up over the past few years. I drew one of each pile, one Spell card, one Tarot card, one Self Care card, and one Goddess card.

The spell I drew is called a Rover Spell. It’s originally from Finland, and it’s a spell to attract good fortune and luck on a vacation, be it home or abroad.
The things you’ll need to perform this spell is: -A few handfuls of Grass, -2 sticks about 30 cm long, -a crystal of your choice, and -natural wool.

Not the most complicated list of ingredients, don’t you agree? Most of these things you can find in nature, or you’ve already got them at home.

Now, you have to find a natural water source, such as a river, a spring or a lake. Collect the grass and sticks there, and sit down next to the water, placing the crystal in front of you. Make a little doll from the grass and wool, try to put as much care and thought into it as you can, let the finished product give you joy, pride and satisfaction. Place the doll next to the crystal before beating the two sticks together over them, chanting:

Water spirits receive my gift
And grant good chance with every wish
Let my life flow strong and pure,
A bubbling spring of joy and strength.

How long you chant is up to you, just keep going for as long as feels right and natural to you, don’t force it. Hold the crystal in your left hand and float the figure away on the water: Close your eyes and meditate for a few moments before the departing.

This is a simple, easily done spell, and most likely very old. Back in the days, people didn’t have all sorts of fancy tools, so what they used was things they already owned and used in their daily life, or things they could collect on the way. Why make things more complicated than they have to be? And couldn’t we all use a little spell like this one to give us a little luck on our way? If you want to give the spell a little extra, you could try it during a full moon, preferably at night while the moon is shining bright. There’s a full moon the 13th of August 😉

The Tarot card I drew was 5 swords… Now, I wasn’t thinking of anything in particular, or asking any questions, so I’ll read it as a general advice. The five swords speak of a loss, a battle that was fought and lost, due to lies and deceivers. This is something that happened in my past, that I won’t get started on again. I fought a battle, and I had great losses, but in the end, it didn’t break me, and it made me realize that the path I was on was not the right path for me. I just wish I’d realized that before my trustful soul got stomped on. I guess I needed to be reminded again that I was on the wrong path before, and that no matter how hard people try, I won’t let them talk me into going back there. It wasn’t for me.

The Self Care card I drew was Blessings. Now, if you don’t have a set of Self Care cards, I highly recommend that you get one. The illustrations are so beautiful, and the messages so powerful. In this stressful world, I think we need a little reminder sometimes, that it’s okay to lean back and just take care of yourself. Also, they’re great gifts.
My card says: Count your blessings. A grateful heart attracts more joy, love and prosperity.

The last card is a Goddess card. I drew the Norse Goddess Freya, telling me to be brave, to unleash my adventurous side, take risks and be daring. If I am to interpret the card in union with the others, it’s telling me to be brave and to dare to follow my own heart, rather than to walk the safe path. I’m young, I’m a student, and I have a lot of well-meaning voices whispering in my ears, telling me what I should do. Parents, teachers, aunts and uncles, friends and grandparents. I know they only want the best for me, family usually do, but what they think is the best and safest for you, isn’t always what your heart tells you to do. It all boils down to a choice I’ve been struggling with for a while, and though I had already made up my mind to follow my heart, getting a reminder felt good.

I think this is what divination and cards are all about. Not about reading the future, but about getting advice. A little push in the right direction, and a reminder if you’re starting to doubt yourself.

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  1. Beautiful Blog, Dravite, a pleasure to see!

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