Today’s Women, Mystery Express and the Killing of Dr.Lucky.

Today, I’m going to blog about food. Yes, I know it’s a topic people have been talking about for years, but I want to give my own point of view on the issue.

In the western society today, food is connected with guilt. We eat, and we feel guilty about it, yet there is so much sugar in the food, we’ve become addicted to it, so we keep on eating. Take ketchup for example, it’s not particularly sweet, yet it has so much sugar and salt in it, it’s ruined the healthy tomatoes. Sugar are hidden everywhere, and we keep gaining weight, or loosing weight, making most of us sickly obsessed with food.

Food used to be a good thing, people strived to fill their bellies, and gaining weight was healthy, and made you more attractive. Marilyn Monroe wasn’t particularly skinny, in fact she was rather curvy, as was models back in the days, until the 60’s, when Twiggy arrived. Ever since, models barely have curves at all, they’re nothing but skin and bone, walking down the cat-walk. What happened? How did we end up here?

Though I am very much a follower of equal rights, I sometime wish I as a woman could just stay at home and raise children. Because in today’s society, you don’t have the time to make everything from scratch, or anything from scratch really. Everything is bought in cans, jars and plastic containers, so do you really know what you put in your mouth throughout the day? There is so much chemicals, it’s no wonder our bodies are protesting, but personally, I simply don’t have the time and energy to make everything from scratch. So instead of making sure we eat things that are good for us, containing minerals and vitamins, we just look at how much calories carbs the food contains.

Personally, I don’t worry too much about my dinner, I often eat Chinese food, so I get a lot of vegetables, though I doubt the sauce is particularly healthy. However, I love coke and chocolate. I really really love it. So I eat chocolate, and I love it when I do, but 20 minutes later, I feel guilty about it, a fact that stresses my body, and probably does me more harm than the sugar in the chocolate did.

Girls today is raised to think that way, we see our mums go on one crazy diet after the other, desperately trying to fight the effects of aging, colouring her hair, smearing her face with make-up. And so, we do the same. Women today are supposed to be perfect; have a good career, a nice, tidy home, be home to cook dinner for her children and take them to activities, look presentable with perfect hair, clean clothes, flawless make-up, have time for her friends, and still have the energy to make love to her husband before falling asleep at night.
Not only am I starting to suspect that I must be a man, but I am also wondering what kind of pills these women are taking, and if they’re in a medical infused coma every night. Or maybe they take loads of bathroom breaks at work to nap in a stall… And spend their lunch break asleep under their desk at work, only to run solely on coffee for the rest of the day. Yes, that must be it.Oh, or maybe they’re secretly robots?

On another not, I being the hybrid that I am, postponed the house work another day yesterday, and met my friend in town yesterday, as she was on her way back from a visit home. We went to this amazing store that sells everything from English fantasy and si-fi books to manga, games, movies and effects from different books, movies, cartoons and video games. In short, it’s every geek’s wet dream, and I fit right in there. I bought a game called ‘Mystery Express’, while Hedwig bought ‘Kill Dr.Lucky (and his little dog too)’. I can’t wait for an evening filled with murder investigations, murder attempts (poor Dr.Lucky, he was stupid enough to steal my chocolate, so he must die), and possibly some monster hunting, other worlds and closing of gates. Not to mention Cthulu and Azathoth.

Ps: searching for “House Wife” on deviantart… The things you find… I don’t have words. But I did not need a picture of Dr.House giving Chase a blow… I can’t get it out of my head!!

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One Response to Today’s Women, Mystery Express and the Killing of Dr.Lucky.

  1. gothweniel says:

    DeviantArt is full of perverts… (yes, that is my first thought after reading your post). You already know I agree with you on the food issue. I think I want some of the pills the modern mother today takes though! Imagine all the stuff I suddenly would have the energy to do!

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