Energy Overload and Silver Broomsticks

Merry Meet, and a good morning to you all!

Am I the only one who is dependant on coffee to get up in the morning? I swear, the promise of coffee was the only thing that got me out of bed this morning.

Did you all have a nice weekend? (I know you’re supposed to ask this on Mondays, but no one is mentally presence on Mondays)
I had a wonderful weekend. Saturday was nothing out of the ordinary, I was working at the library, but for once, I was the boss. See, I’ve been working there for a year now, and I’ve always been the most recent addition to the staff. But now, we’ve got another co-worker, making me the boss when the two of us are working together. Don’t worry, I tried very hard to not go on a dictator-power-trip. Saturday was a slow day, very few visitors at the library, so I had time to enjoy a cup of chocolate cappuccino with my friend, Hedwig.

That was Saturday, a nice, relaxing day surrounded by books. Sunday was still nice, but very different. A friend picked me and Hedwig up at 10, five minutes later we forced her to stop at a gas station for a coffee-refill. We drove to an old power-place, dating back to the Vikings and an old battle between Christians and Pagans. This weekend, there was an “Alternative Faire” there, so the place was packed with mediums, shamans, witches and just generally open-minded people. Booths were set up where you could buy stones and incense, Feng-Shui crystals and pendulums, jewlry and music, or get consulation or guidance through palm-reading, tarot cards, aura, numerology of what ever method you can think of. There was also a shaman there who could help you travel and discover your spirit animal, and a book store that sold “alternative” books.

Did I have fun? Oh yes I did. I went to a lecture about numerology that was really interesting, and I now really need to read up on it, because it turns out my life task number is 33, which is the highest of the “master numbers”. I also went to a lecture about the Goddesses in older and newer times, and one about cleansing your chakras through shamanic methods with drums. The lecture about Goddesses was interesting, but nothing I didn’t already know. The chakra cleansing however… My Goddess, it was effective! Not only did I get my chakras cleaned, which was really effective, I felt so much lighter afterwards, and I believe I might have over-done it, detoxing my entire body (don’t worry, I’m not going to go into details about frequent bathroom breaks following that session) but I also met another of my totem animals/spirit animals. It was a leopard, and he appeared just as I was done cleaning my chakras, as if to say that, “oh, finally you’re here where I can meet you. You’re done with your chakras now, it’s about time you look at me.” He followed me, and as I returned to the physical room I was sitting in, I could feel him close to me before I opened my eyes. Or at least I’m fairly sure it was a leopard, but it might have been a jaguar, I can’t tell the difference.

I have tried to look into the difference, but as far as I can tell, the Jaguar stands for  -Symbol of Solitary Path, -Reclaiming Power, -Shape shifting and -Psychic Vision

The Leopard represents -Quiet, strong intuition, to overcome your past, to get a new look at something, strength to fight your inner demons, strong spiritual, physical and psychological development.

So, though there are some differences, I think the essence is much the same, power, they’re solitary hunters, reclaiming and overcoming your past, and spiritual growth.

Other than the lectures, I got to do some shopping. I now have a beautiful Feng-Shui crystal hanging in my window, ready to catch the beams of the moon or the sun, reflecting them through my room.

I also bought a beautiful purple velvet pouch with a silver pentagram/pentacle stitched into it to hold my tarot cards, and a cop of “To Ride A Silver Broomstick” by Silver RavenWolf. It looks to be a really good book, and Silver is a very renown author of wiccan and pagan books.

I thought about buying a few crystals while I was there, but there was just so much energy in the air, I couldn’t focus. I think I’m very perceptive when it comes to energy, I easily get tension headaches, and I’ve always been able to get pretty powerful reactions from pendulums. I have to work on grounding myself, or I might just float away any moment. Maybe the book can help me with just that?

I love going to places like this faire, people are so open and friendly, you meet a lot of like minded people, and they’re all willing to share their experiences with you. Another thing I learned was that the word for Pagan in my language, which I didn’t really like because it also translates to Heathen, actually means Goddess-worshipper. I haven’t got any research to back it up, but I like the idea.

I believe that was it for today. I wish you all a good day, and may you be safe until next time.


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One Response to Energy Overload and Silver Broomsticks

  1. gothweniel says:

    I resolve to never let our totem animals meet. Your leopard would probably eat my horse…..

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