Magical Season

Good morning, everyone,

It’s the first Sunday in advent today, and we’re supposed to light a candle for joy. To light a candle every Sunday in advent is one of the nicer Christian traditions. Where I come from, this tradition has very little to do with anything Christian. We light a candle while focusing on  joy, projecting joyful energy, bringing joy into our own home and hearts, as well as that of the people we meet. Basically, an entire country, and probably other countries as well, are focusing on the same thing today, while lightening a purple candle. We’re all doing magic today, because if that isn’t a spell, then I don’t know what is.

To top this, as I woke up this morning, I was delighted to find it to be snowing. Yes, large, powdery flakes of snow was falling slowly to the ground, turning everything white and soft. I love snow, it always brings joy to my heart, and makes it so much lighter. Maybe it’s because I’m a December child, and my birthday is coming up in less than a week? Whatever it is, I love this time of the year! I love how I’m now dressed in comfy pyjamas bottoms, a top and a comfy robe, snuggled up with a cup of coffee while the world outside my large bedroom window is turning white.

It’s magical. This season, like the other seasons, holds it’s magic, you only have to open your eyes and see it. The nature is asleep, but that doesn’t mean that the magic is asleep. Winter’s cold forces us to spend more time together, it brings families together, cools down heated emotions, and lets us follow nature’s example and rest for a little. It symbolises death and rebirth, the Sun God dies, and he is reborn at Yule while the Goddess rests. The season is a perfect opportunity to make our homes cosy, to really enjoy ourselves, and good company. Yes, I love this time of the year, and now I’m going for a walk with a good friend to enjoy both the snow, and some good company.

On days like this Sunday, life is perfect, and I can feel the magic around me.

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