Harry Potter Marathon. Geekyness galore.

Today, my dear friends, is The Day. The day of our Harry Potter marathon!

The house is as clean as it’ll ever get, the pumpkin juice is made (though coke is better, so I’ll probably stick to that), and all that’s missing is the arrival of my other geeky friends. Oh, and I have to finish painting my nails green, to support my house. Yes, I’m a Slytherin. I always knew I was a Slytherin, every fan-made quiz I took declared me to be a Slytherin, and to my great relief, when I became a beta for Pottermore in September, it was confirmed. There’s four of us, participating in our marathon; one Slytherin (me), two Ravenclaws, and one Hufflepuff, all of us Pottermore betas. If you don’t know what Pottermore is, watch this video, as J.K.Rowling explains it.

I grew up with these books, these books are my childhood, and Harry and I were friends since day one, being the same age. Oh how I love being a geek, surrounded by other geeks ^^

So now, as my fellow witches are due to arrive in a few minutes, I must leave you. And I shall leave you with something as rare as a picture of me. Well… A little bit of me, anyway. I made this years ago, and now I suppose it proves that I knew all along what house I belong in, and I was delighted to read the welcoming letter, confirming what I already knew; all Slytherins aren’t evil, we’re merely ambitious. Hey, even Merlin was a Slytherin…

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One Response to Harry Potter Marathon. Geekyness galore.

  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    Join this grp on fb. We pm slytherins hang out and chat there:)

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