Snow and failed Cupcakes.

Good morning, my friends

As I had my morning coffee on Sunday, sitting in the window sill and looking down on the happy children, playing on the ice and throwing snowball-fights, I got an overwhelming urge to bake cupcakes. I haven’t bloged about baking before, but I do occasionally bake. My cookies are to die for, I swear it.
Now, back to the cupcakes… My friend, whom I also share a kitchen with, got a cupcake-book for Christmas, so the two of us started flipping through it, eventually settling for vanilla cupcakes that looked delicious. We followed the recipe to the dot, and as we took them out of the oven (about 7 minutes after we should have because they were so pale), they looked perfect, like a soufflé, they swelled over the paper. A minute later, this was the result.

Perfect Cupcakes? Not so much...

The top was well done, and the inside was raw dough… Cupcake fail… I still don’t know what we did wrong, but it’s needless to say that I won’t be making vanilla cupcakes again. This is my second failure, with two different recipes, me and vanilla cupcakes just don’t get along.

The thick layer of powdery snow that I was enjoying and admiring on Sunday was gone this morning, leaving icy slope in its wake, with a dangerous ice lurking, ready to trip any unsuspecting humans who dares venture outside. Ice may be dangerous, but at least you can see it and take precautions. I don’t worry about that, growing up in the north, I’m well accustomed to ice. It’s when the ice is covered by either slope, or a thin layer of snow that I become weary. When the ice is hiding, ready to ambush you when you least expect it. I’d rather not break any bones.

I really love snow though… It’s so magical, the way it’s slowly falling to the ground, especially when the flakes are powdery, and you can hear the laughter of children playing in the snow. Something about snow can keep a child happily occupied for days, I remember my mother having to call us to come inside to get warm and eat when I was a child. We forgot about the cold, about food, about mittens that were heavy with snow and water, small fingers red from the cold. Getting up in the morning was never a problem, despite how dark it was, because we knew that if we got ready on time, we’d get to go skiing to school, or take a sled. Nothing can spark as much joy as snow…

I found this picture by googling, it's from my country, but I don't know the people in the picture.

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4 Responses to Snow and failed Cupcakes.

  1. I’ve never seen snow fall, can you believe it? Not so hard, I’m from a tropical country, so… I’d love to see the magic someday 🙂

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