Once uppon a time; there was a girl and a Dragon… Or was it a Thunderbird?

It all begun on a beautiful morning, perhaps it was this one? -No, it was a Friday morning, so it could not have been this one.

Two young women was sitting their kitchen on the fourth floor, waiting to enjoy a cup of creamy steamy coffee goodness. One of the women walked over to the coffee maker to fill their cups and almost dropped them on the brand new floor as she glanced out the window. What did she see, you ask? Snow. Two days prior to April, and and it was snowing outside.

Now don’t get me wrong; I personally love snow and how it turns my entire world white and fluffy, but after five months I have to admit that it felt good to listen to the birds sing outside my window. When I don’t have company with my morning coffee, I enjoy it in the broad window sill with the window open, and I had just started to believe I could leave my thick woollen jacket behind as I went up for breakfast, but no such luck.

Books, postcards and a cup of tea by dh6art

The snow kept falling the upcoming days, and less than a week later; the girls’ world was covered by a thick white blanket, and the sound of a snow-plow  woke them up in the early mornings as the car cleared the roads and enabled sleepy humans to get to work while sipping coffee as if their lives depended on it.

One of the best things about snow is that it it gives you a perfect excuse to curl up in a comfortable chair with a blanket covering your legs, a cup of some jummy hot beverage of your choice and a book. Personally, I’ve been completely devoured by The Elder Races novels by Thea Harrison lately.

See, as some of you may know, I love the Black Dagger Brotherhood books by J.R.Ward, but when I finished the last book, it left me hungry for more, and it had to be in the same genre. So what to do when you’re hungry for something hot to read that isn’t outright porn, and that contains the required hints of the paranormal element? Why, stalk Smokin’ Hot Books of course! Sadly they haven’t been blogging in a while, but the blog is still filled to the brim with humour and good book recommendation. Women after my own heart they are, and I have yet to read a book that they have recommended which I did not like.

Back to the series; I wanted something exciting with strong, protective, supernatural males and capable, independent women, and I got just what I asked for. The series is sett in the present time, but supernatural creatures have long been out of the closet and can be divided into different categories. You have the Wyr, which is the ones we follow. The oldest Wyr such as Dragos, one of the main characters in the first book are creatures who learned to take human form, and who unless they are killed can not die. Dragos is a dragon, the only dragon, and seeing the world through his eyes left me in fits of giggles more than one time, I can assure you. You also have the Nightkind (vampires, demons and such), The Dark Fey, the Light Fey (bitter enemies and I am sure you would understand) and the Elves.

The plot of the books is mainly your usual ‘find your mate’ plot, but the humour and the interactions of the characters makes the books so much more. And honestly, who doesn’t want to see a half-human house-training a dragon who is used to be treated as a god? And later, when his War-Lord Taigo who happens to be an ancient Thunderbird meets a new kind of warfare known as the female kind:

The kind of maneuvering for position he was used to tended to involve heavy artillery, a fight to get the high grounds and his troops laying down covering fire. He watched and waited as his faerie assessed the situation, mulled it over and then sent the other woman away.
Naida’s posture and expression had been quite correct and compliant, but she couldn’t hide her flare of scent aggression that filled the air as she walked out of the room. Naida couldn’t be fired as the other two, but he thought he could learn a lot by keeping an eye on her.
He took another plate -there were three, he noticed, which was perfect, although not exactly what Naida had originally intended -and he piled it high then relaxed back in his chair and watched the Chancellor with cold killer’s eyes.

Tiago decided he enjoyed armchair warfare. It was so comfortable, and there were pastries.
From “Storm’s Heart” by Thea Harrison.

I can’t quite explain it, but the light humour of these books, added to the hot men and their peculiar (I love that word) way of looking at life made me fall in love with these books. Besides, the whole ‘mate’ concept always appealed to me, and how devoted, protective yet respectful they are to their women (or men, I had to squeal and awwww at the two mated males) makes my poor heart flutter.I fully intend to spend my Easter with these people creatures.

How about you, read any good books lately? Any books you love to loose yourself in?

Ps: This is why I’ll never find myself a man. My expectations aren’t realistic, not by a long shot.

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3 Responses to Once uppon a time; there was a girl and a Dragon… Or was it a Thunderbird?

  1. gothweniel says:

    I hear you, girl! I too will end up living alone with my dog and my library filled with unrealistic men. But I will damn well enjoy it!
    I think I want to read those books, but I have to finish the Temeraire series first! Because, as you probably have noticed from my frequent mentioning of the books, I love them^^

    • Dravite says:

      Oh, have you been mentioning them? Why, I barely noticed that 😛
      They sound good, but more like your kind of books than mine, you know? I’m more of a J.R.Ward kind of girl, I like my that way, and I too intend to fill up a library with them. I’ll probably mood-sort my books. One shelf for each mood ^^,

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