Easter Snow

It never cease to amuse me how a few centimetres of snow can stop an entire nation, while another nation can have 2 meters of snow and still go on as if nothing is out of the ordinary. Still as used as Northern-Way is to snow, even we were a bit surprised at the heavy snowfall we’ve had the past weeks. What happened to the spring? Last year at this time I was in Northern-Ireland as an exchange student for 3 weeks, and the contrasts couldn’t have been greater…

In 2011 I was sitting in a park in Dublin, eating a scone with jam for breakfast while one of my friends were frantically trying to shoosh away the birds. In 2012 I was sitting in a “laavu” or “lean-to” as my dictionary tells me it’s called in English, roasting hot dogs and marshmallows over a camp-fire. I can’t remember having this much snow ever, sure we have this much up at the mountain-cabin, but not down here by the sea-side.

But I think the trolls like it… I met this one on a walk the other day, it’s a baby-troll. I hurried along, figuring the mother had to be close by and they can be quite protective of their young, so I thought it best to stay away. 

As my family isn’t a very religious one, the rest of the Easter break has been spent curled up in front of the fire with a good book, and said for the moment of panic as I finished the last of Thea Harrison’s books (I found another book from the same fandom, and though it doesn’t include Dragos and his sentinels, it was enough to keep me calm) it’s been a pretty calm Easter. You know, when we’re not playing cards. My father and sister is a bit too fond of winning, so family games can be a dangerous affair. You’d think four girls and loads of monsters (I was playing Arkham Horror with my friends earlier) would be more risky than a family card game, but oh no… We usually have to stop at one game.

My little sister was much more interested in the Easter Bunny than any Christian influence on the Easter, so we’ve been telling the story about the Goddess Eostre and how she turned the little bird into a hare to give it the speed to escape the hunter Orion. But as the new hare missed laying eggs, she gave him the ability to lay eggs once a year. My sister is now convinced that I know him/her personally. Ah, I love that kid, she brings out the playful, childish side in me.

What did you do during the holidays? What do you think is the most important about the Easter? Religion or family?

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3 Responses to Easter Snow

  1. pecsbowen says:

    my holidays were a drag, away from home, away from my love…
    never felt so alone in my entire life….

    if you family is near you maybe you can ponder over the religious significance of things…

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