Visit to the Spiritual Fair.

Isn’t it funny how, when you’ve decided that it’s really about time you do some laundry, tidying and cleaning; a thousand things that you have to do pops into your head? Like now, as I started cleaning I was reminded that I should update my blog about the trade fair I went to this weekend, and oh! There was the facial I was looking for the other day! It really would be nice to just relax with a facial mask right now… Perhaps I should do that, the laundry will still be there tomorrow, right?

I must tell you, I am a master at procrastination. It’s probably my one true name, if you searched my soul and meditated for a century; I’m sure that’s the name you’d come up with.

Okay, back to the point of this post; Yesterday saw two very spiritual young souls jumping on a train for 1,5 hours to visit the spiritual trade fair in the nearest city. Yes, I was one of those souls, and my proclaimed sister was the other one. I love these fairs, crystals and friendly people everywhere, not to mention all the interesting lectures you can attend.

My wallet got lighter and my purse heavier in less than 15 minutes, and I am now the proud owner of yet another Feng Shui crystal. I love these, I have one from each fair I’ve been to, and whenever the sun hits my window, they’ll fill my room with tiny rainbows. My newest addition is the one formed as an arrow-head.

I also got the opportunity (which I eagerly grabbed) to fill my purse with slightly healthier candy from a stand that sold nuts and corn-crisps of all imaginary kinds, both with flavour and covered in yoghurt or chocolate. I had bought 4 bags before I had the time to put myself under control. I really should work on my impulse control…

The nice thing about fairs like this one is that no matter how you dress, what jewellery you wear, what colour your hair is (I saw both blue and green haired girls walking by) or what beliefs you express, no one will judge you. You can feel free to be yourself amongst open-minded people, and it’s a Mecca for a witch like me. I didn’t find any herbs there unfortunately, but I did find loads of crystals, feathers, wands, tarot decks and books.

Still, I don’t think there were that many pagans present… It’s my impression that most “alternative” Norwegians are still Christian at the core, though open to the idea of energy and past lives. I’m not quite sure how they fit those things together, it would be interesting to hear their views on it, but true to Scandinavian customs, I didn’t ask. See, you don’t talk about your religion here. As explained by the talented Humon in this short comic.

A stand by the church even made an appearance at the fair, which proves my point further. Their expressions when I politely explained that I didn’t want to join them in a prayer to Jesus because I wasn’t a Christian was priceless… They looked so taken back, I almost felt sorry for them. You’d think that at a fair where every other stand was a psychic medium reading tarot cards or a healer, they’d expect that not everyone around were a Christian? Apparently not…

It was a great day, we did some shopping, joined a few lectures (all of them ending in meditation, I must have spent hours meditating yesterday), and met a lot of friendly people. Sure, we both had headaches from the huge amount of energy and impressions by the end of the day, but it was so worth it.

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