Beaches and Books.

So far, this year has been one of the coldest summers I have seen that I can remember. So what’s a girl to do, when she can’t soak up some vitamin D through her winter pale skin in this cold northern country?

Why, she grabs her best friend and hops on a plane to Greece of course. Which is what I’ll be doing, in less than 24 hours I’ll be at the airport, and I have packed books to last me the week I’ll be staying.

With sand between my toes and a book in my lap, I intend to enjoy a week in the sun on Karpathos, one of the Greek Islands. I just love Tzatziki, so there is no way this could go wrong. You know… Unless I just jinxed it…

In my last post; I asked you what kind of books you wanted me to review, and Cassie wanted me to read a bunch of YA books over the summer. So here you go, Cassie; the first Young Adult book of the summer (that I didn’t end up tossing away after 3 chapters) “Obsidian” by Jennifer L. Armentrout.

The main character of Obsidian is named Kathy, and she is just my kind of girl. She is new in town, and she is pretty, but not perfect, which is what I like about her, and she is no push over. She makes mistakes, and unlike a lot of Heroins in YA books, she isn’t some super almighty overly powerful Mary Sue, and she doesn’t immediately become popular and every boy’s wet dream at her school.

I also like the fact that the boy of the story isn’t perfect, and for once he’s not a vampire or a werewolf, which (though I’m a sucker for those books) is a fresh relief. Okay, so Daemon is perfect physically, and bad boy enough to make our hearts jump, but he does make mistakes, and he’s certainly not the nicest guy. I won’t reveal the ending or what Daemon and his sister Dee is, but as a treat at the end of the book we get to read a few scenes from Daemon’s point of view, explaining his actions a little better.

The book was good, it was no challenge to anyone’s intellect, but does a book have to be hard to read in order to be good? I don’t think so, it made me long to get home to my Kindle, and I could feel myself relaxing as I read it, and that’s more than good enough. I enjoyed reading it, Kathy and Daemon dancing around each other in a “I hate you, but damn it, I’m attracted to you and want to throw you down on the couch and ravish you” kind of dance was both thrilling and entertaining.

I like light reading during the summer holidays, books that will help me relax. What about you? What do you guys preferr to read during the summer? And where would you prefer to be while you read that book?


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