Lets Start Over, Shall We?

Woman on Laptop

Here I am, sitting in a corridor overlooking a construction site. I’m at the airport, and the clock is slowly moving towards 11:00 am, which is when I will be boarding the plane which is going to carry me away to where I will start my new life.

Okay, so maybe I’m being a bit over dramatic, but it is true. I’m starting a new education program at a new school, in a new city, in a new county (I am not American, so we don’t have states. But if we did, then it would have been a different one.) I have never been that far North before, and it would have taken two days to drive from my home town. Yes, I’m a bit nervous, and as you might have noticed; I tend to ramble when I’m nervous. The thing is, I don’t know anyone up there, and I believe I am having some separation anxiety when it comes to leaving all my friends. I need my girls to get me through a year of studies, and they are not easily replaceable I tell you.

I finally found a place to live after a few weeks of panic search, because though I applied in March; I did not get in to one of the student accommodations. It was not an easy search, and because students were becoming desperate, people raised the prices. Eventually; I found a room in an old lady’s home. I have not seen it yet, and I will have to share both a bathroom and a kitchen with the lady and any other tenants she might have, but I’m hoping it will be all-right. I mean, how much trouble can one little old lady and her dog cause me? And the rent is much lower than I dared to hope for…

I will sign off now, seeing as there is no internet here, so I won’t be able to post anyway, and I’ll do my best to give you an update tonight, including pictures of the room.

Ps: Have you ever had to pack everything you’ll need for a year into two suitcases? Not easy I tell you! It broke my heart to have to leave all of my books behind…

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