Day 1, of my new life.

As the title proclaims; this is my first day in this town. I was picked up at the airport yesterday by Mrs.Clause and her dog, and after a hazardous drive and a brief stop at the store; I got to see my room. I don’t know is she is actually a Mrs or not, but her last name is Clause, so I like to think that I’m renting a room in Santa’s wife’s house, and he is too busy with his work to come by often.

The Nest…

She is a sweet old lady, a little weird, and she spoils that dog rotten, but I think I’ll do okay here. The house is old, and most of the furniture seems to barely have survived the 80’s, but as long as I’m mostly left alone (I value my privacy) I’ll be fine. I’m sleeping in a nest though… For real.

The view from up here is stunning, but the problem presented itself this morning when I, sleepy, with my hair sticking out in all directions and pre-coffee tried to get down. I forgot that the top 3 steps of the ladder was missing, and almost fell down. I didn’t, but it was a close call.

Anyway, after breakfast this morning, I spent a couple of hours just walking around, trying to get to know this place. After about an hour; I think I reached the university… Maybe. Which is supposed to be situated between here and the town centre, so I guess that means I’ll be taking the bus a lot.

Here’s some more pictures…

At least the TV is from this decade. I think…

I live in one of those red boxes, waaaay up there. The climb might kill me, but the view is stunning!

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