Morning Mists.

The Mists of Avalon by Aegils

Mornings here in my new town, (lets call it Hogsmeade for now, I always wanted to live there) are so different from those in my hometown. I come from a little coastal town situated on what we call a “half-island”, which means that we are only connected to mainland on one out of 4 sides. This means that it is very flat, and there is always wind.

Hogsmeade is also situated near the sea, actually it is an island, but rather than being near the open sea; it’s in a huge fjord, so there is not too much water before you meet the mainland with its great mountains again. So not that much wind, and a lot of mist.

I feel like this morning is in a way reflecting my mind, looking out the window I can see nothing but white mist with a few foggy shapes in it. You have to really focus to make clarity out of it, and you can easily get lost. My mind is like that today, it’s the first day of the term, and I don’t know whether to be excited or nervous. I’m excited to have the possibility to meet new friends, because walking around town yesterday I felt so lonely, but at the same time; I don’t think I’m very good at making new friends. I need a little push (or a mighty thrust), seeing as I’m a bit reserved and it takes a while for me to open up and feel comfortable around new people. Last time I started a new University I had my best friend with me, so it was no big deal, I didn’t have to try. Now I do, and I don’t think I know how.

I mean; how do you make new friends? Things were so much easier when you as a kid could just walk up to someone and ask them to be your friend; and voilà! You were friends. But I guess we all (reluctantly) have to grow up a little, and it’s probably about time that I stand on my own two feet, and brave the big bad world on my own. At least there’s a new Sims 3 game coming out in less than a month, so if all goes to Hell, (which is actually a town I’ve been to) I have that to entertain me, and I can beg my friends to come up here for a visit.

I’ll leave you now to brave the other big kids, but rest assured that I’ll be back. The bright side to my loneliness is that I’m more inspired than ever to blog.

But now I want to hear about you, before I leave you with this great song By Loreena McKennitt, which is not only the soundtrack to one of my favourite films “The Mists of Avalon), but also by one of my favourite artists.
Are you starting something new? Are you nervous? Or have you changed your life earlier, if so then how, and how did it go?

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2 Responses to Morning Mists.

  1. nice music, best wishes in your new town..I hope to do it one day 🙂

  2. I’m going to a new Uni, Edinburgh, to be precise, beginning September. I went to college a long long time ago and loved it back then. But this time, I’m leaving everything familiar behind and moving away alone to a whole new country. I’m nervous and very excited.
    Usually, when I’m reluctant (and that is not usual), I tell myself that if I go up and speak to that guy/girl in the next 20 s, so-and-so dream of mine will come true. It’s stupid and immature and those dreams don’t always come true, but hey! I have ended up with some fine friends along the way 🙂

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