Autumn rain makes for a perfect reading season!

As the title so boldly proclaims; autumn is a perfect reading season, and living as far north as I am, autumn is well upon me. Rain, rain, and more rain with cold wind and slippery leaves sprinkled on top of it. But wait, there is a bright side to this. With the weather as it is, and my current status as alone in a new city, I have had a lot of time to devour new books.

I can not claim to have read the Elemental series by Brigid Kemmerer. No, I devoured it. I started with “Onyx” by Jennifer L. Armentrout, foloved by “Daimon” and “Halfblood” in the Covenant series by the same author. I couldn’t quite relate to the main characters of the Covenant series the way I did with Onyx and Obsidian, so I didn’t tackle the next book in the series. As much as I love Greek mythology, demigods, and their offspring, the main character’s temper didn’t suit me. The books were good, but I constantly wanted to shake some sense into Alexandria.

So, rather than being bothered by her, I let Amazon persuade me into trying another series. (Have you noticed how they seem to know exactly what you want? It’s creepy and useful at the same time.)

The Elemental series by Brigid Kemmerer is sett in modern time, America, and centred around four brothers with unusual powers. As they explain it themselves; everyone is born within a pentagram, where each point represent an element. Some people are just born closer to one of the points, and thus have some control over ‘their’ element. And then there is some, like the brothers, who are born exactly on one of those points, and thus are more effected by their element. These so called pure elementals can cause so much damage (imagine having a bad day, stubbing your toe, and accidentally destroying half the city by causing an earthquake), so they are not allowed to live. They are hunted down by the fifth, those who are born on the fifth point, Spirit.

The brothers Michael, Nick, Gabriel and Chris are ‘in control’ of one element each, except when they’re not in control at all. The first book is more of a novella, and a good introduction to the series and the concept of elementals. In “Elemental”, we are also given an insight into the mind of Michael Merrick, the oldest of the brothers. He became their guardian at 18, when their parents died in a fire, and this prequel helps us understand the reason for his actions in later books.

 “Storm”  is the second book, and focuses on the youngest brother, Chris, while “Fearless” is another novella, this time about Hunter, one of their friends, and should be read after Storm, which is referred to as book one, and before Spark.

“Spark” focuses on the most rebellious of the brothers, Gabriel. Gabriel is like his element, fire. He can give warmth, comfort, and protection, but he can also be out of control, dangerous, and destructive. He has always been close to his twin brother, Nick. He never needed any friends other than his brother, but when he has a fallout with Nick, whom he has never before gone more than hours without speaking to, and someone starts setting fire to houses around town, suspicion naturally falls on Gabriel. The Merrick twins would get along perfectly well with the Weasley twins. (I don’t think I need to explain who they are)

I have to say, that Spark was my favourite, and I am now counting days until “Spirit” is released. Gabriel couldn’t be more different from me, yet he was the one I related most to. Perhaps it’s because I have three sisters, and I know how it feels to be left out of the loop, and have the others do things without you, and in my current situation, I know exactly how it feels to not have anyone to turn to.  I had to brush away tears, and I felt the sting of every betrayal as if I were experiencing them, rather than reading about them.

These books were so addictive, I had to bring my kindle with me everywhere. I was reading on the bus, in-between classes, while eating breakfast… Looking back, I see that I finished them all in two days, and I’m not a particularly fast reader. Seriously, I’ve been dreaming about these brothers at night! I rarely dream about characters from books, I think I can count the number of times this has happened on one hand. My only complaint is that I can’t feed my addiction further, because “Spirit” won’t be released until June 2013. Such a cruel world…

I love books like these though, where you get so lost in the book and the characters, that eventually they feel more real to you than the one you can touch and feel. When the characters feels like close friends, and you can both laugh and cry with them.

However, I am now once again without an addictive book to read… Any suggestions? I’d be forever grateful!

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3 Responses to Autumn rain makes for a perfect reading season!

  1. Luinriel says:

    Okay, I am SO going to read the Elemental series. i completely blame you.

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