Book Project, warming up to Samhain/Halloween.

First of all, I have to say that you guys blew me away with your response to my blog post yesterday. If only I had known earlier that the key to getting hits, readers and followers were to blog about coffee… I will make sure to do this more often. I even got a blog award, which I will be getting back to in my next post.

Now that I have indulged in my coffee addiction and temporarily satisfied it by my previous blog post, I can get back to what I meant to blog about.

I wrote a long and brilliant masterpiece of a blog post last Friday, but as my internet connection was a bit unstable just as I went to post it, my masterpiece got lost into the void that is internet. Where did it go? I have no idea, but it sure didn’t go up on my blog as it was supposed to. Perhaps it traveled back in time, and is not astonishing minds of the past. Or maybe it just went on vacation…

My point is that I was too mad at the internet at the time to write up a new post, and it took the entire weekend for me to forgive it, but here I am!

A couple of my close friends and fellow bloggers and I have decided to do a reading/blogging project where we choose a couple of titles that we are all to read and review within a time frame. We will be posting our reviews at the same time, so none of us will know the others’ take on the book or short story before we post.

The reason for this is both to give our blogs a purpose, because it is fun, and to reconnect with each other. This year has cast all three of us to different sides of the country. While I am residing and studying documents in the far (and in my opinion very cold) North, the Hobbit of our little trio takes up camp in the Midlands, and the Ravenclaw was tempted by the opportunity of working with books and moved to the south where they let her play in a bookstore. Just a few months ago saw us all living in the same building, so I hope you can see where I get my separation anxieties from.

Reading literature has always made me feel connected to all the other souls who are currently reading, or who has been reading the same works. This project gives me the opportunity to connect to some of my favorite people, and you are all invited to join us if you feel the call to do so. We will be starting with one of the great names within the Horror genre; H.P. Lovecraft. We will start off by reading “The Shadow over Innsmouth” in order to “warm up” to Samhain/Halloween. Our deadline is October the 1st.

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