Book Project Part II. Someone Like You…

Continuing on the book project and our horror trend; we chose to honour another well known and beloved author. Roald Dahl. Most people have read something by this brilliant man, and he is most known for his children’s books. So how does this man fit in with October and horror, you ask? Roald Dahl has not just written wonderful children’s books, but he has also written several short stories, and the upcoming weeks will find me submerged in the ones found in the collection Someone Like You. The stories all follow the horror genre, and they are all quite cleverly composed, or at least the ones I have read so far are. So here goes the first 3;

This was perhaps the one held the least horror to it, yet there was something about the descriptions that made my skin crawl. Here we have a dinner party consisting of two couples, the young daughter of one of them, still in her teens, and their friend. The conflict arrives when the father, who is also the host of the dinner party challenges his single friend to guess what wine they are having with the dinner. Being a knower of wines, his friend accepts the bet, which has become something of a tradition for their little gatherings, only this time he no longer wants the prize to be a casket of wine. No, this time the stakes are so much higher…

Lamb to the Slaughter:
I read this short story for the first time when I was 13 years old, and it has stuck with me. While the mail action takes place within the first few pages, the brilliance with which it has been composed leaves you with your moth hanging open. The pregnant wife of a police officer learns that her husband is leaving her, and she takes destiny into her own hands and kills him. All of this happens fairly quickly, but the way she conceals her crime leaves me fairly afraid of my own sex. Women can be very cunning creatures, and hell hath no fury like a woman scorn. And if someone can fool a house full of cops, it would have to be a woman scorn.

Man from the South:
This is also a fairly known short story by Roald Dahl. We find a young American man, with a lighter that he believes will light every time. He meets a man (can you guess where he is from? That’s right, the South!) who bets his car, a green Cadillac that the lighter will not light 10 times in a row. What would you be willing to bet when the prize is a very expensive car? A weeks pay? Two weeks? How about your left pinkie finger? After all, you never really use that finger, do you?

I have to admit that this has been a very long day, so I decided not to go to much into details in my reviews this time. It’s more like a small taste of what you would get, should you decide to read these stories for yourself. And you should! Especially Lamb to the Slaughter, it’s simply a brilliant piece of literature.

ps: It stands to prove how tired I was last night that I forgot to prof-read my post before publishing it. I didn’t realize until this morning that I had managed to spell “part” without an R.

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