Empty Space is Meant to be Filled

About two years ago I started reading the book “Magical Housekeeping” by Tess Whitehurst, a book I recommend with all of my heart. In the book, Tess talks a lot about clutter clearing, and she explains that the universe has a way of filling up empty space. If you empty your closet of clothes that you no longer feel comfortable wearing, then you might find yourself with new clothes from an unexpected source.

I have experienced this a lot lately. As some of you know; I recently moved to a new town in order to follow my dream of becoming a librarian. As I did so, I had to leave my family and most of my stuff behind, pacing up everything I’d need in two suitcases. Talk about clutter clearing!

My point is, that there was a lot of empty space in my life, and these past few months I’ve witnessed some of that space getting filled.
I was very lonely, and I didn’t have room to bring much clothes with me, so I went to my favourite clothing store to get something new. The woman working there offered me a job interview on the spot because she liked the fact that I was so happy and talkative. The truth is, I was thrilled to have someone to talk to!

My new job gives me an excuse to dress up nicely and get out of the house 2-3 times a week and talk to people, and it gives me a 75% discount in my favourite clothing store! I’ve never had so many nice clothes (truth be told, I have never been very interested in clothes before), and my boss who left her entire family in southern Sweden when she moved up here looks at me as a daughter, since I’m the youngest one here and about the same age as her daughters. So in a way, both the empty space that was my closet, and my lack of family got filled in a way. I’m not saying that she replaced my mother, because no one can ever do that, but both my boss and the woman who offered me the interview have become like aunts to me.

Of course, the 75% discount means that I spend about half of my paycheck on clothes… But as I see it, I have a 23 years of disinterest in clothes to make up for 😉

Still, I have to say that the excuse to get out of my room and actually socialize with people is the greatest benefit that comes with the job. When you’re depressed you have a tendency to pull away from people and lock yourself up in the dark, which only makes things worse. It’s a vicious circle, and my job pulls me out of that downwards spiral. Not to mention that when evenings are slow and boring, it gives me an excuse to blow life back into my blog. I’ve missed you guys!

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