Thoughts on an Electronic World.

What would life be without coffee, I ask you.
As some of you know, I’m a major coffee addict. Coffee and tea are my drug of choice, and what a delicious addiction it is.

I started classes again yesterday, and getting up in time was not exactly easy. I woke with a startle, realizing that I had somehow turned off my alarm in my sleep (I never do that), and was already slightly late for the first class of the semester. Great start, huh? The only other time I can remember turning off my alarm in my sleep was a few years ago; I was dreaming that I was taking Professor Snape’s Potion class, and he was less then pleased when a sound interrupted him, so he ordered me to turn off the alarm. And I did, because you just don’t mess with Professor Severus Snape. (Yes, he deserves the capital letters, every one of them. Always.)

I have great faith that my classes this semester are going to be more relevant that last year. Some of you might remember my rants about studying philosophy, which was two mandatory subjects we all had to take the first semester of University, whether we would use it or not. I passed those two exams, to my own great and most pleasant surprise, and not I’m finally going to be able to study the subjects relevant for a librarian. Hopefully that will make it easier to motivate myself to actually study.

I met my new boss yesterday as well (lots of meeting and greeting went down yesterday with bosses and professors), which went down great. I have been working at the clothing store since September, but as my old boss is moving back to Sweden, and my co-worker opened up her own store, I’m suddenly the person with the most experience. It felt so weird, training my boss in how to operate the register and the computer, especially since she could be my grandmother, and like most grandmothers she isn’t that used to a computer.

The language of a computer is like a second language to me, I don’t have to stress it, and most of the times I get whatever I need done. It doesn’t matter if I haven’t been working with that particular program before, because some of the basics is always the same, and logic usually tells me what to do. But the women I work with now that my old boss is moving, they could all be my grandmother, and they have very little if any experience with computers, that just saving a document is a challenge for them.

Seeing how the ladies struggled with the computer got me thinking, are we relying too much on computers these days? (She asks while typing on a computer to post on an online blog) Everything these days is done by computers, the register at work is a computer, all my schedules is only to be found through a computer, paying bills is done over the computer. Without one, I can’t do anything. I wouldn’t know what classes to attend, where or when they were having lectures, how to prepare for lectures, when the bus arrives, when this or that store opens or closes, or how to even find them in this city. No wonder some elders feel like the world is moving too fast and leaving them behind, when they can’t even pay a bill without help from their children.
It’s great for those of us who can keep up, but what about those who are left behind?

“Press any key to continue”

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