Careful What You Wish For

Good afternoon, and a merry Imbolg to all of you!

I have been woefully absent lately, mostly due to a combination of a hectic life and pure laziness. You see, I did not work as many hours as I wished I had in December (there were more people that hours at times), and so I sighed and wished for more hours and more work. Boy did I get what I wished for… My boss quit and moved back to her children in Sweden (who can blame her? She had nothing to keep her here) and at the same time, another of my colleagues quit. Now, I didn’t very much like that woman, since she had been nothing but unpleasant and unkind to me from day one due to something that was out of my hands. So there I was, all my wishes came through, so you would think I’d be happy, yes? No?

Damn right, there is no pleasing this little witch it would seem. I didn’t really realize that the situation I was in was exactly what I had wished for; with a new boss who knew nothing about computers or the system, I got more responsibility, and with there being so few of us I got more hours.
However, it turned out to be too much, and I was having trouble keeping up with my studies while working at least 3 days a week, effectively being busy from about 3pm to 10pm, and every other Saturday from 9am to 7pm. Add this to the fact that I really had to pull most of the work load due to the fact that I was the only one with the computer-knowledge to do so. So again I sighed and wished for change, for a boss with a bit more experience, and for fewer hours at work. (I couldn’t say no, because there was only 3 or us working there, so if I didn’t do it, the others and the shop would have suffered)

Before I know it, the owner who owns 3 shops in total calls and tells us to get all the customers out of there, close up and go home. She was bankrupt and had to sell all 3 shops. Now I have been told that I’ll get a job with the new owners in a couple of weeks, and I’ll get paid for all the hours we agreed upon.

I’m going to keep my mouth shut this time and stop complaining, seeing as once again I got just what I asked for, and I’ll even get paid for the next two weeks without doing any of the work.

“Meditation” by 2lua on deviantart.

This reminds me of something I read once, about how we as witches are more in tuned with the universe, and thus have to watch what we think and speak. Without even being aware of it, I was casting spells left and right, because spells are not just about the items you put in it, or the words you speak. A spell is mainly about your intention and your wishes, and by wishing I set things into motion. I’m not saying that it was all my fault, my old boss had been thinking about quitting, and while our shop was doing well, the other 2 was not, so that was also already in the making. But my spell, concious or not, may have been the final push.

Guarding your thoughts is one of the first things you learn as a witch, but I guess the lesson never really stuck with me. Then again, I “only” had myself and books as teachers. This lesson however will not soon be forgotten, that much is certain.

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3 Responses to Careful What You Wish For

  1. textwanderer says:

    It is amazing the power that rests within our thoughts and wishes. They can cause great good and sorrow if we are not careful, especially when we are in tune with the universe around us.

    I am glad to hear that your wishes came true but sorry to hear that it was a bit of a roller coaster.

    I’m also primarily a student of my own experience and books. But, no matter how we learn so lessons definitely hit home in unexpected ways.

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