End of the dark times?

I have to share with you, that two days ago I saw the sun. The sun started returning a couple of weeks ago, but two days ago was the first time in months that I actually had the warming light of the sun on my face.

I have noticed lately that it has been growing brighter, the day lasting just a couple minutes extra each day, and my mood has been changing with it. However, I cannot explain just how wonderful it felt to be sitting on the bus on my way to town around noon, and actually have the sun in my eyes. I couldn’t help but to smile brightly the entire trip, and I could see how people around me kept turning their faces after the sun as if to soak up every drop of sunlight that they were offered. Easy smiles appeared on faces, and shoulders started relaxing.

Though I have lived in Scandinavia my entire life, I’ve never lived just this far north before, so I’ve never had the sun leave me completely. Now I realize just how much it affects us, and just how enclosed and unsocial we become during the darkest months. Candles are great, but they cannot substitute the warmth of sunshine on your face.

To pass the dark times; I have been trying to catch up on my reading lately, but I have to say that recent literature for youths disappoint me. Perhaps it is me being critical, but I really hate it when books are disappointing.

I started reading ‘Beautiful Creatures’ by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl, mostly because i stubled across the film-trailer, and it looked like a film I would like to see, so why not read the book first right? Well, it was not too bad, but halfway through it I was bored, it was all too predictable and a lot of it did not make sense. I mean, I know that some southern towns are very conservative, but their immediate dislike of the girl, and how she got blamed for everything was just over the top. A window explodes, and she gets blamed for it. sure, she did actually do it, but logic tells you that if a window explodes inwards, then a person on the inside could not have done it. Still, I suppose the book was okay if you don’t mind the clichés.

ImageThe next book I read was one I was very excited about. ‘Opal’ by Jennifer L. Armentrout is the third book in the Lux series, and i have loved the two books before it and the prequel. The main character is a book-blogger, and even through all the drama she has managed to keep hold of that, and her personality. This book however did not live up to my expectations. It felt rushed, like the author wanted to hurry and just get it published, and I noticed that she kept more of less skipping the challenging scenes. The entire book was a build up to the two main characters having sex, but the scene it self mostly just skipped it. At one point, I know that he removed her shoes, and I think he gave her an orgasm without actually having sex with her, but I have no idea what he did to her because the author never described anything physical. Even the kisses was just about how she felt and not what they actually did. But that is okay, I can live with that, it is a YA book after all and this was Kat and Daemon, and not Cat and Bones from the Nighthuntress series. However, details in the books kept changing, as if the author had changed her mind about something, gone back to fix it, and forgot to fix it in every scene. “We can take the elevator down to the tenth floor” Blake says, and two pages later “and then you can take the elevator down to the sixth floor like Blake said” says Luc. “No he didn’t!!” Dravite exclaims in frustration, but apparently I was the only one to notice because no one in the book reacted.
Later, Daemon puts the opal on a necklace for Kat and puts it on her because it would not work if it was in her pocket. One page later it was in her pocket, then around her throat again. Magical opal, keeps jumping around it seems.

Those were really sloppy mistakes, ones I noticed after reading through the book once, a beta or a publisher should have been able to catch those easily. What happened to quality books? I would rather have waited an extra couple of months for the book and have mistakes like these fixed. Another small detail that irritated me was that Kat uses cliffhangers at the end of books as an example of something she really hates, then the author leaves us with a cliffhanger… It’s not a big thing, I know, but details like these really lowers my opinion of a book and the author.

So, do you have any book-suggestions for me?


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