Fairy Rhymes

October 2011, I went to York, England with my English class. In one of the many adorable little shops there I bought the book “fairy rhymes” by Carol Tibbs. The book is a collection of poems, and it is absolutely adorable! Here is a sample as a cute end to a hopefully wonderful weekend.

The Brownie Poem.

My mother said I never could,
see the Brownies in the wood,
But I saw the Brownies yesterday,
Playing leap frog and I wanted to play.

I’ve seen the Brownies playing “He”,
I saw the Brownies but they didn’t see me!
I’ve seen them playing at Hop-Scotch too
And the Big Ship sails in the Alley Alley oo!

Tomorrow when I go they’ll all be there,
All the little Brownies jumping in the air,
Climbing on to toadstools and
bathing in the Sun.
Being a Brownie must be lots
and lots of fun

“A small book of delightful poems about little people for little people” is what the cover promises, and that is just what the book delivers. It is most certainly worth the 5,99£ I paid for it.

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