Home is Where the Heart is.

As you might have guessed from my not-so-mysterious title; I am home this weekend. There are several reasons why being at my parents’ house (which I still regard as ‘home’ as opposed to my student accommodations, which is ‘there’) is such a bliss.

  • For one, I get to hug my youngest sister. A lot. She is nine years old (thirteen years younger than me), and the sweetest little girl. I refuse to acknowledge that she is growing up; in my eyes she is still my baby sister whom I helped raise.
  • I have a kitchen where everything is easily accessible and people actually clean up after themselves. My other kitchen is shared by 43 other students, contains only the most necessary and basic kitchen equipment, and nothing is ever clean.
  • There is actually food in the fridge. You have no idea how wonderful it is to be able to choose what you want for breakfast, until you’ve only had one thing for a week, then another thing for a week because there is really not room for more in the fridge.
  • Coffee! My parents have a really expensive, but oh so wonderful coffee maker. It will grind the coffee beans for your cup, you can choose between espresso and regular coffee, and it will even steam your milk. Hello cappuccino for breakfast! And everything just by pushing a button. I love it, and my goal in life is to be able to afford one eventually.
  • The fireplace. My dad will get up early each morning, go outside in the cold and get firewood from the garage, and then light a fire in the fireplace so that it’s warm and cosy by the time us girls get up. I love that man, it’s such a thoughtful gesture, and I try to make sure that I show my appreciation every time I’m home.
  • Home cooked meals. My dad is a really great cook, especially of seafood. Last night I dined on mussels cooked in butter, garlic and white wine, and a wonderful gourmet fish soup.
  • My sisters. As weird as it might sound; I have actually missed their bickering. I am the oldest of four sisters, so I am quite used to a lot of noise. I’ve missed it.

It’s these little things and more that makes me long for home whenever I am away for more than a few weeks. And the fact that despite the fact that we are a big family; some times, on mornings like this when my parents are out taking their morning walk, and before my sisters are awake, it’s completely silent, and I have the house all to myself.

I wish you all a good day and a wonderful weekend!  ~Dravite~


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5 Responses to Home is Where the Heart is.

  1. Moving out makes you appreciate 🙂
    It is a good thing!

  2. PS: The coffee maker sounds champ!

    • Dravite says:

      It’s the best! I’m so in love with it. Too bad it’s ridiculously expensive… It would take me 2-3 months of saving everything I earn to buy it, so the fact that my parents bought it says something about how much Norwegians love coffee.

      And you’re right, moving out does make us appreciate. It’s the little things we miss really, such as sitting down around the table at dinner, the entire family gathered and just catching up. One should not take that for granted

      • No, one shouldn’t. And unfortunately, one can’t take good coffee for granted either. They are really expensive 😦

      • Dravite says:

        Yes, good coffee certainly is expencive. Whether you make it yourself (because the equipment is so expencive) or you buy it at a cafè. But I think we need to spoil ourselves with treats like this once in a while

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