The consequence of a privileged life.

First of all, I believe the stats here on are trying to trick me. How can I have no visitors on the same day that I receive both comments and likes? I believe one has to at least visit a blogg in order to comment on it or like it…

Oh well, I am currently running on water pain and the occasional painkiller. Being a girl, I occasionally (blessedly, they come years apart) get visited by the evil creature known as a an infection down below. How come women always gets the pains down there? As if bleeding once a month and pushing out a baby wasn’t bad enough, we have to get our poor lower regions further brutalized by the constant need to pee and feeling like someone is washing us out with acid when we try to relieve ourselves. How come men are let off the hook so easily? Oh, and there is blood. Blood coming out from places it should not freaks me out.

Me at the moment.

I believe that living the privileged life that I have been living in one of the world’s best countries to live in according to United Nations, and with parents who love me; I have not experienced much suffering in my life. In fact, other than breaking my arm once and occasionally falling on my butt while trying to navigate downhill on the ice while holding a cup of coffee and my hair flying in my eyes; I have not experienced much pain at all. This could be why I have a very low tolerance of pain, and why this infection feels like the end of the world to me. I swear I can practically see my life flashing before my eyes, and being all alone with my pain makes me feel very lonely and needy. If you were here, whoever you are, I would probably crawl into your lap and whimper until you started petting me, that is certainly what I’m going to do when the doctor’s office opens.

Another thing I’ve never been able to deal with, other than pain, is lack of sleep. I might have slept an hour tonight in-between the frequent and painful visits to the bathroom, and thus I am very cranky. Very cranky… I should probably come with a warning label today because lack of sleep and constant pain is really not a good combination when it comes to me, and seeing as I have no childbirth to compare it to; this is very very very painful. Add this to the document analysis due Friday that I have yet to start on, and I swear I can feel death breathing down my neck, just waiting for my inevitable breakdown.

It’s still barely 6am… I wonder if my friends and family will get cranky if I wake them up to complain over the phone… I wonder what effect coffee has on an infection… I wonder if it would make a difference if I dose it with sugar to stay awake, and how come I’m able to function this early with close to no sleep? Or perhaps I’m not; ramblings taken into consideration…

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