On the Move Again.

I have been moving quite a lot lately. Last semester I moved 500 miles to attend University, then I had to move again after a few months because things were not working out with the woman who’s house I was renting a room in. The new student accommodation were always meant to be temporary. The rooms were 10 square meters (or 33 feet if you prefer), and this included a bathroom with a shower, a sink and a toilet. You could actually be multitasking taking a shower, brushing your teeth and using the toilet. I shared one kitchen with 43 other individuals, so needles to say that it was impossible to keep clean, and food had a tendency to disappear. It was however very social.

I was very lucky to have someone in my class who knew of a “bedsit” available where he was renting. This means that I share a bathroom with him and two others, but I have my own teeny tiny kitchen, and the room is much bigger. I jumped on this opportunity and started moving in yesterday. It’s still a mess with suitcases and boxes everywhere, but I’ll hopefully get it sorted out today, and it’s only a short walk from a grocery store and about 30-40 minutes walk from the university.

I think I’ll be happy here. The room is much bigger, so I have space to breathe, my friend is great and really helpful, I no longer have to take the bus to go grocery shopping, and I get to walk to the University every morning which is just what I need.  A little fresh air, time to think and some exercise.

I went to my new local grocery store yesterday to get the necessities to survive the weekend. As I was there I glimpsed at the coffee out of habit, seeing as I’m a coffee addict and always on the lookout for new flavours to try out with my coffee-penguin. He looks like a penguin though, doesn’t he? My parents gave me the Nescafe Dolce Gusto Piccolo coffee maker for my birthday a few years ago, it’s the perfect size for a student. Anyway, what do I see? Why, Caramel Latte Macchiato capsules from Nescafe, the very thing that I have been looking for since my friend who lives about 700 miles away told me about months ago. I have been checking every grocery store I have walked into, and no one had these. I was so pleased! Of all the places to find them, the local grocery store was where, so I don’t even have to do a pilgrimage to get to them. I choose to think of it as fate. They even taste like caramel, the perfect treat. (I just have to try not to drink the entire box in one day).

I feel like my life is turning around a bit, for the better. I lost my job because they went bankrupt, but then I found a new place to live that was a bit cheaper, and they liked me so much that they offered to let me skip the deposit, which would have been two months’ rent which I could not afford. Then my dad called me, and when I told him about my money problems, he transferred just enough money on my account for me to pay back everything on my credit card. (I have to use it to buy plane tickets, and I was counting on getting paid in February. Now I don’t know when I’ll get my money.) I also applied for a job as an evening librarian at one of the University’s libraries. I really hope I get it, two evenings a week would be perfect for me, and seeing as it is the teacher-students’ library, and I have finished 3/4 years of that, worked as a librarian for two years, and now I’m studying to be qualified to work as a librarian full-time, I feel qualified for the job. Hopefully they will see this too, because the job would be perfect for me, and I believe that I would be perfect for the job.

For now, however, I am simply going to enjoy my caramel macchiato before I start unpacking. I wish you all a wonderful Sunday before we embark on a new, busy week. Blessed Be!

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