Collecting people and making lunch.

I like to collect people. Now, I realize that is might sound a teeny bit creepy, but rest assured; I do not have a stash of people in my dungeon. It would be kinda fun though, assuming that I did actually have a dungeon.

No, sadly I am but a poor student, and there is not that much room under my bed, seeing as it is currently populated by dustbunnies breeding at an alarming speed.

When I say that I like to collect people, what I mean is that I like to collect sights and friendships with interesting and unusual people.
For example, I have an old school sailor complete with a tattoo of a rose that says ‘mother’ (apparently he looks like a smuggler, because he always gets pulled in for a customs check at the airport).
I also have a hacker, as one of my most recent finds, who recently got put on a plane and flown across the country by the military because they needed him to fix one of their computer. (I wish I knew what was on that computer)
Recently, I could add another sight to my list. A man in a wheelchair, “walking” a pony on a leach. I could hardly believe my eyes, though sadly I was in a moving car so I have no pictures to document my sight. An old man was driving along the side of the road in one of those electrical wheelchairs. He was holding a rope, and a pony was trotting happily along behind him. It was such an odd sight, though they both looked very happy and pleased with themselves, as if there was a joke hanging in the air that only the two of them were in on.
I witnessed another, less amusing sight a few weeks ago. It was 10 am, and I was on my way to the airport to go home for Easter break, and I a woman sitting outside a bar. She looked worn, though pleased at the moment as she was drinking a beer, smoking a cigarette, and eating chocolate from a box while the snow was falling softly around her. The sight saddened me, because despite the fact that she looked pleased at the moment, she still looked so very lonely.
I couldn’t help but to wonder; what kind of circumstances sent her there? What makes a woman decide to sit outside a pub in the falling snow, and eat chocolate with her beer an cigarette at 10 am in the morning? So many lives around us, so many fates, and we rarely take the time to think about them.

On a (hopefully) completely different note; I made lunch today. I am rediculously proud of the fact that not only did I buy broccoli  salad, and carrots while at the store yesterday, but I also cut and cleaned the vegetables this morning and made a packed lunch. It’s the small things in life, right?
You see, I have been having troubles with getting enough food into my system lately. Of course, no one would consider this to be a problem, because I’m still overweight, but I still don’t like waking up dizzy and sick because I only had one or two tiny meals the day before, and I know it’s not good for my concentration. I am a student after all. So now I’m making an effort to make healthy meals that both look and taste appealing. I’m very proud of my lunch, like a child who just made her parents breakfast or something.

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2 Responses to Collecting people and making lunch.

  1. Long time since you posted, how wonderful that you are eating healthy again! Cooking has grown on me, I still am not great, but it takes me less time and effort to whip up a meal for myself. That’s what counts right?
    Every once in a while, I try recipes from the internet and feel very pleased. And right now, I’m trying to include more fruit in my diet. I honestly think I’ll get scurvy from lack of fruit!!!

    • Dravite says:

      I know, life sort of swallowed me these past months… But now I’m done with all of my exams, and ready to throw myself back into writing and reading what I want, and nothing else!

      I have a thing for apples. I can buy box with six apples, and two days later they’re all gone.

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