Quiet Moments

A bang echoes through the house as the front door is slammed shut, and as the sound dies the house is left quiet, the only sound is the ticking of the clock above the fireplace. At 08:15 in the morning, the house gets to rest at last.

I am home for the summer, and having three younger sisters all living at home and two working parents; mornings are chaotic at best. One of my sisters had to catch her buss at 7am, and my mother had to be at work at 07:30, which is about the time my father and the oldest of my sisters managed to get out of bed, leaving them both in a hurry to make it to work by 08:30. The youngest is ten, and didn’t want to eat breakfast, comb her hair or do anything sensible this morning, and certainly not as fast as we need her to, which left it up to the rest of us to hustle her into movement every two minutes, and with both my father and sister oversleeping there was also a quarrel for the bathroom. People rushing to and from different rooms, hairbrushes flying through the air and half empty cups of coffee sitting forgotten besides the makeup mirror and the newspaper.

At last they are all out the door with a final bang, and I get to breathe again.

I love being at home, and I have missed the activity, but it still leaves me exhausted after having lived alone for several years. I always have enough time in the mornings to sit down and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee in peace, and after I came home for the summer I have come to cherish the hours from 08:30-14:00 when no one but me is home. I need these hours to be able to survive here, especially since one of my sisters just changed her brand of birth-control pills and the hormones are making her already hot temper spike dangerously, and my youngest sister is determined to do everything at such a slow speed, it’s making us all irritable just to watch her.

I had forgotten how busy life was at home, and how there is always something going on. I am teaching a class of gym today (I know, I don’t know what they were thinking getting me to be a substitute teacher in gym), and we are celebrating my youngest sister’s birthday with her class, which means there are cakes that needs baking and frosting and dresses that needs ironing. Tomorrow I’m taking her to the city to see a dentist, and on Friday my cousin is staying with us for his birthday, since neither of his parents will be home. I am babysitting another cousin on Saturday, and Monday and Tuesday I have appointments at the hospital for them to look inside my stomach and other whatnots. The days just seem to fly by…

Luckily, I have these quiet moments after the family has left for work and school that allows me to breathe and enjoy my coffee in peace while stocking up on the patience that I will need to get through a day at home with my very large, loud and busy family.

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