One More Week…

Yesterday I was suddenly struck by the fact that it was the 12th of June, which means that my surgery was exactly one week away. One week from now I’ll have had my surgery and be starting my recovery.

Humon's Sister Norway. This would very closely have resembled my face when I realized the date yesterday.

Humon’s Sister Norway. This would very closely have resembled my face when I realized the date yesterday.

The past weeks have been so busy, filled with work and family and I have not really had time to realize that the surgery that I have been waiting 1,5/2 years on is actually happening now. It is such a huge event in my life, and I am going to have to make so many changes to how I live.

Change is good though, I don’t want to be stagnant and in many ways I have already started my new life and undergone many changes. My Gastric Sleeve surgery is paid for by the health care system, but I still had to work for it. You have to prove that you are willing and able to make changes to how you live your life before they grant you the surgery (because obviously if you can’t change, then the surgery will do you no good in the long run) and this you have to do by losing 8% of your weight in addition to several meetings and conversations with a nurse about how you are doing. Two or three weeks before the surgery you have to start your pre-op diet, which means nothing but protein shakes and vegetables until after the surgery. This is to minimize the fat around your inner organs and make the surgery easier and safer. After one week on the diet I have lost almost 4 kilos, so at least the diet is doing what it should. (Which is a good thing, because I would not be able to do it if I didn’t at least see some results.)

However, even though I know I want this and I’ve been waiting for years, there are times when I panic and having it all happening next week is suddenly way too soon, and I don’t feel ready yet despite the fact that I’ve been waiting for so long…

After the surgery comes another challenge. With the sleeve I’ll be restricted to fluids for two weeks, and then purées for another week followed by soft foods. In addition I can’t do any heavy lifting or swimming for 6 months… Which sucks because we’re going on a Cruise to celebrate my father and his twin brother’s 50th birthday three weeks after my surgery… That pool is going to look even more tempting because I can’t enter it…

Writing this I begin to realize that maybe it’s not such a big deal after all… I have already made the changes to my diet because I no longer eat sugar, I barely eat carbs, and I am much more physically active than I used to be. It won’t be a walk in the park for sure, but I’m positive that I can do it.

Now I have a question for anyone who might be reading this, an issue that I have been thinking about a lot lately. Are you interested in reading about my surgery, what happens after, the challenges I will be facing and updates on how I’m doing with it? Or should I leave this out of my blog and stick to what I used to be writing about; small updates about my life, some philosophy, and lots of books. It would really be helpful if you could leave me a comment and tell me what you think.

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2 Responses to One More Week…

  1. Bex says:

    Personally, I’d like to read about the operation, this is the only way I can really read about everything going on in your life and I’m interested. 😉

    • Dravite says:

      I’m so sorry I’ve been MIA lately! I suppose that with work and everything going on in my family (I swear I feel like I’m in the middle of a soap-opera sometimes) I don’t have much time left for anything. By the time this place quiets down it’s 10pm.
      How is it going with your blog? I haven’t seen any updates in ages, and I like stalking you

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