A lot has happened in my life since my last post, and today is the first day since my surgery that I have felt up to writing anything.

Tuesday the 18th of June 2013.
The day before my surgery I had to get down four “preop” drinks, which is an artificially sweetened drink with lemon and lots of stuff that is supposed to make your recovery more easy on your body. After living on protein shakes for two weeks, I thought I’d enjoy the change, but the stuff was so heavy in my stomach and the artificial sweetener was so bad, that I could barely get them down without gagging.

My mum and I had to drive three hours to get to the hospital, seeing as the two closest hospitals didn’t do any surgeries during the summer. This is very typical for a Norwegian summer, everything stops for three months. We went to visit one of my mum’s childhood friends in the evening before returning to the hotel, a hotel which by the way is famous for it’s breakfast, a breakfast that I couldn’t even sample.

Wednesday the 19th of June 2013. Surgery day.
I had to get up really early to have two preop drinks before 6am, then shower and show up at the hospital at 9 to have my bloodwork done. I hate needles, I used to get dizzy or throw up whenever I saw one, so my biggest concern when it came to the surgery was all the needles I had to be facing. They had to draw blood twice because they forgot to test my blood type the first time, and I was then dressed in a huge blue button down shirt and the biggest pair of panties I have ever seen in my life. Lets just say I didn’t feel very attractive, so it was a good thing I would be out by the time they got started.
They put needles in everywhere, and the IV’s gave me the creeps, even though the nurse swore there were no needle in my arms, “just” a plastic tube. I had to walk from the bed to the surgery table, and I don’t remember waking up the first time after the surgery, or how they got me from the table and over to my bed, but I remember someone saying my name and seeing my mum’s face. I don’t think I was in much pain, they had me drugged after all, but I couldn’t move much without causing pain, and I almost fainted when they had me walk to the bathroom.
A few hours later, when I was in “my” room was the worst. I couldn’t get anything down, and I would gagg every time I tried sitting up or walking to the bathroom, and I was still freaked out about the IV’s. Gagging when you just had surgery done on your stomach is not a pleasant experience I tell you, though in the long run I think it helped me because the only thing I got up was air, and you need to get rid of a lot of air after the surgery or you’ll be in severe pain.

Thursday the 20th and Friday the 21st of June, day one and two.
To say that I was in pain by this point would be an understatement, and the night was hell. Laying in bed in the same position all the time wrecks your back, and I could barely sleep despite how tired I was. Not to mention trying to get down all the liquids they expected me to… Luckily I had a visit from three of my friends in the evening to look forwards to.

My dad came to pick me up on Friday, and the hospital kicked me out in the hallway to wait for him because they needed the room. I was really dreading the three/four hour long drive home because every little pump hurt, but they gave me some painkillers before we left and my dad drove really carefully, so I slept most of the way. I think maybe I got down 1/2 of what I should that day when it came to “food”.

Day three.
They didn’t give me any prescription for the painkillers, so the first day home was hell to say the least. I was in so much pain, there was only one position that didn’t hurt, and my mum took me to the emergency doctor. He, bless his heart, gave me a prescription for some pain medication that I could take, and I love him dearly for it. I truly believe that man saved my life, and I was even able to shower after taking the meds. (Best shower ever!)


It has now been five days, it’s Monday, and I’m still regretting having the surgery. If you are thinking about it; know that it involves a lot of pain, and it’s extremely difficult to get down food afterwards. One or two sips of juice and you’ll be full. By this point I feed really weak and I’m loosing weight a bit too fast, seeing as I’ve lost about 1kg a day since the surgery, and I now weigh less that I did graduating high school. I fainted in the bathroom this afternoon after having a shower, and I’ve never fainted before in my life, so it really freaked me out. At this point I’m scared I’ll loose too much weight too fast, and I wouldn’t recommend the surgery unless your life depends upon it.

I’ll try to keep you updated on how I’m doing, for now I’ll concentrate on getting down some fruit juice to get some energy and vitamins into my body.

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4 Responses to Regrets.

  1. You are a very very brave girl. I cannot imagine going through such an ordeal, much less be able to write about it. There’s no point going back over it again though, is there? The surgery is done and you can’t undo it. So focus all your energies into getting better.
    You family is obviously doing everything that needs doing, but you, my girl, need to focus. Drink and eat whatever you can, and try to eat a little bit more each day. Make sure you get plenty of rest. Read! Remember all the reading you had to catch up on?
    And keep this space posted. You’ll make it through, you’re too tough a nut. Lots of love and strength!

    • Dravite says:

      I wanted to write it down both to remind myself of it later, and for others who are considering weight loss surgery. I don’t want anyone to have the surgery unless they absolutely need to.
      I’m trying really hard to get down enough, but when two small sips of my smoothie leaves me full for at least 10 minutes, it takes hours just to get down 2dl., and I’m supposed to wait 30 minutes after “eating” before I drink something to give my body time to absorb the food before I “wash it away” with water.
      I’ve been meaning to read a lot, but I just haven’t been feeling up to it, my concentration is 0 these days, so I’m mostly just watching old series on my computer. I’ll keep you posted though! It can only go up from here, right?

      • It can only go up! Ooo what series are you watching? Of the old ones, I love I dream of Jeannie 🙂
        I don’t know what to say to you, having never been around anyone after such a surgery, but it gets better everyday, I’m sure.

      • Dravite says:

        Oh, not /that/ old ^_^
        I’ve been watching the first season of Smallville from 2001. I’ve been wanting to see the original Bewitched series for ages though, I just have to track it down somewhere.

        The pain is getting much much better, but the lack of food is starting to catch up with me so I feel really weak and tired all the time. It is getting easier to get down food though, so I’ll be working on getting down as much as possible today. I do NOT want to faint again!

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