Why I love being a student

First of all, let me just express how much I miss having my own bathroom.

You know you live in student accommodations when;

  • You have spent 30 minutes pacing back and fourth in your room, desperately waiting for the bathroom to be unoccupied so that you can relieve yourself.
  • You run out of clean clothes waiting for the washing machine to be free.
  • You wake up before the sun because someone is taking a shower or doing laundry.
  • When the simple task of taking a plate out the cupboard has turned into a rather dangerous game of jenga.
  • When you need earphones in order to hear your own music over the sound of your neighbor’s music.
  • When taking a shower has turned into a deadly mission because the sheer amount of razors and different shampoo bottles in the shower.
  • When there is either no room in the fridge, or your food will get stolen, so you might as well use the window frame, it’s colder than the fridge anyway.
  • You encounter people you have never met before in the kitchen in the middle of the night, and you never see them again.
  • Dirty dishes multiply to cover every available space in the kitchen, despite the fact that you cleaned everything an hour ago.
  • Extra spoons turn up in your jar of coffee, and the content is shrinking even on the days you don’t make yourself coffee.
  • People are discussing kamasutra in the kitchen in the same tone others use to discuss the weather.
  • Despite moving in 5 months ago, the landlord still mistakes you for a new student and come to greet you and welcome you to the building.
  • The landlady yells at you for having your window open.
  • You wake up from a nap to the sound of the landlady almost kicking in the door in anger because you didn’t open when she knocked.
  • The landlady keeps a paper bag with fur from her dead dog outside your room, planning to make a blanket out of it.
  • You have to apply butter to your toast with a spoon because all the knives are in the dishwasher disappeared.
  • All the cups have migrated into different people’s rooms.
  • When 44 people have to share one washing machine because the instructions for the other one is in Chinese, and no one can figure out how to use it.
  • When you look out your 2nd floor window to see half-naked student flying past in January as they are jumping from the roof and into the piles of snow.

All of these are examples from my past year as a student, and only the examples I could come up with at the moment. Still, though I am more than ready to have my own place with a freezer that actually work and a bathroom of my own, I love being a student.

To sleep in on the days I don’t start until noon, to have friends just down the hall, to spend lunch with fellow students, discussing the weird accent of certain teachers and complaining about the amount of reading that is required or how on earth we will survive until the end of the month on the little money we have left after paying the bills. Oh, and studying. Occasionally…

I think I love it because I am treated like an adult, and I have a freedom that I might never have again. Okay, so I have to live in a poor excuse for a bedroom and wait 30 minutes for the bathroom to be available, and the kitchen isn’t really a kitchen as much as a corner of my bedroom with a fridge that is older than I am, but I get to make my own decisions. No one is telling me what to do, when to do laundry, what to have for dinner, when to get up in the morning or what to do with my free time. I can spend an entire day in bed watching Supernatural on Netflix without having to brush my hair or put on proper clothes if I want to. I don’t have a partner, husband or kids to demand my time, and no one will get annoyed if I don’t want to do a single sensible thing all day. I can have leftovers for breakfast and breakfast for dinner, and I can survive on nothing but milk an entire week (I haven’t actually tried that, but it might be an interesting experiment) if I wish to. Growing up with 3 younger sisters, this is a kind of freedom that I have never experienced before, because (though your experiences might be different than mine) with sisters, if something is wrong with what you do, say, look or eat, they will inform you of it.

I might want children and a man in my life at some point, but right now I love being 23 years old, single and on my own, and I wouldn’t exchange that for a nice white picket fence, 2,5 children and a husband. Not yet anyway…

Still life of a student, by Annemarieke Kloosterhof (Rose Ann Mary K on deviantart).

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