I have a writer’s block…

I have started writing a new post several times for several weeks, but after a few sentences I just sit there, staring blankly at the page with no idea what to write, not to mention how to formulate it.

Where does a writer’s block come from?
I think this one comes from my life these days, I feel like my mind is one big writer’s block, so naturally when I try to write something, I get a writer’s block.

There are tons of things I could write about. I have two books I’ve been meaning to review, the fall has just begun and is still in the beautiful stage, except for today when it’s raining. I could write about how the season Autumn or the rain affects me, or the fact that my closet is currently very close to barren due to the fact that my clothes are falling off me. Or how my surgery is affecting how I look at myself, or the fact that my hair has become thinner (not thin, but thinner) and my skin is loose and it’s making me feel like an old woman, and not in a good way. Or I could write about how I feel about my father having left for South-Sudan…

Instead of writing about the subjects mentioned because I have tried to do that and I have the drafts to prove it, I’m just sitting here with a ‘meh’ look on my face and missing my joy. I must have misplaced it somewhere and now I just can’s seem to be able to find it again. If you see it, please send it my way?

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2 Responses to Missing

  1. Bex says:

    I am inclined to believe that it’s off gallivanting with mine.

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