What is this thing called innocence, and why do we treasure it so?

I was remembering “the good old days” the other day, and decided to watch the first episode of the old Pokèmon show again, a show that I haven’t seen since I was nine or ten years old. As I was watching it, I remembered the cards we used to collect, and how many years later, my friend’s brother inherited her cards, only to be tricked to trade them away by some older kids. He was too innocent to understand that he was being tricked, and in that lies the danger of innocence.

My youngest sister is ten, and still so very innocent, much more so than other children her age. I love and treasure that innocence the way most older siblings and parents do in their children, yet I fear that she is bound to lose it eventually, and that she will be hurt.

So what is it that makes us treasure innocence so much? We don’t want our children to lose it, but aren’t they stronger without it? Whenever my sister is picked on at school, the thought of striking back or defending herself never seems to hit her, she is just devastated and confused that someone seems to want to be mean and hurt her, and as her much older and very protective sister, it enrages me to no end when someone is mean to her. And I worry, because she is naive and easily hurt, and it would be so easy for other children to exploit her, and trick her, merely because she only sees the best in people. Innocence is bound to be lost some day, and that process is so painful that I wonder if it might have been better if we never possessed it in the first place…

The danger of a big heart is that it is easier to hurt.

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4 Responses to Innocence?

  1. Such a thoughtful post, some things we are just mute witnesses to… oh sad. How’ve you been?

    • Dravite says:

      I’ve been better, just buried my third family member in 1,5 years… That’s probably what’s got me in such a thoughtful mood.
      On the other hand, I’ve never been better physically, so I really shouldn’t complain. It’s just the stress of upcoming exams that gets to me sometimes, you know?

      • I know exactly how you feel. Last year, before I came here, when I was overwhelmed by all the Uni and visa paperwork, two grandparents (not on the same side) dies within two weeks of one another. It was bizarre, and heartbreaking, but I was at a point in life where things were kind of okay for me personally…

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