A lot has been happening in my town lately, and even more is about to happen. It has been decided that the country’s main military base is to be situated here, which means a major expansion of the one we have now, which in turn means a lot of people will be moving here. It will also mean a lot more noise, and so we have to either move, or do something with the structure of the home we have now.

We are going to move; we have the land, and are now drawing up the plans and getting the new house approved. In the mean time, my parents (especially my dad) is all over the place, tossing out junk that we never use. As a consequence of this, my sisters and I have also had to go through some of the many boxes that we have stashed in the basement or on the attic. Oh the memories I have encountered…

I found everything from old stuffed animals, schoolbooks to little knickknack from when I was younger, not to mention my teenager… You see, I have always been a nostalgic person with a bit of a hoarder mentality. Everything was saved, and I never threw anything out, something my youngest sister seems to have inherited. In addition to souvenirs and little things that I thought was pretty and decorative at the time (but will never decorate my home with once I get one,) I also found a bunch of old diaries. My friend and I shared a diary for a while, and it was full of old crushes, sibling wars, and pacts amongst phrases in elvish that we would commit to memory and scribble down everywhere.

I found a signed (thankfully not in blood) agreement where we both swore to not date anyone more than 15 years older than us (especially not a grown man!!), or the other would be bound to beat some sense into the offender. At the time, we were very much into everything Viking, elvish or in any way connected to things medieval or magical (still are actually), so a pact signed in blood would not have surprised me the slightest.

Though I am very glad that those days of heartache and raging hormones are over, I do miss the carefree joy and the sisterhood amongst friends. We didn’t have to worry about taxes, work or bills, and we actually had time to read what we wanted. Getting lost in those enchanting worlds and memorizing elven languages is something I miss.

By Titenani on Deviantart

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