Idle Mind = Insanity

Having been back at University for three days, the first being spent traveling and working, and the second being spent in bed, sleeping; I can conclude that I need another job if I wish to maintain what little I have left of my sanity. (Some might argue that I lost it years ago, but lets not go there…)

I am only taking two classes this semester, seeing as they are both on 2000-level, which means that they each give me 15 points (30 points is a full semester). This means that I only have classes until 2pm on Mondays and Tuesdays, which is also the only days I work at the library. This leaves me with very little to do for five straight days in a row (and we all know I won’t be spending all that time studying, I’m just not that well organized).

I wish I could say that I would use those five days to get ahead with my reading and studying. That I would show up well prepared for each class, having read all the suggested books and articles, and having started any paper weeks ahead, but that just is just not going to happen, so why even pretend? There was a time when I could spend all day submerged in a book, and on rare occasions I still find books that can captivate me like that, but on most occasions I get restless and bored after a few hours at most. Make that fifteen minutes if I’m reading anything academic. I believe that staring at a screen as often as I do have made me unable to concentrate for long, I can’t even watch a movie without doing something else while watching it, like playing solitary on my phone, or a game on my laptop if the movie is on the TV. I hear it’s a common problem amongst my generation (and it makes me fear for the next one); we have just become so good at multitasking and taking in information from different sources at once, that we can’t focus on just one source any more.

Anyway, to turn this wayward post back to the issue; I really need to get another job. Having all this time to myself isn’t good for me. I have lived with myself for 24 years now, so I’m starting to get to know me pretty good. Better that I know anyone else I dare say, so I know that having five days in a row with nothing set to do would cause me to sleep until noon, then just lie around for another couple of hours. I might drag my but out of bed to shower and dress, only to lie around watching some show on my laptop until I feel faint from lack of food, which I’ll feel too lazy to cook. All in all, I’ll feel awful and lazy, and I won’t get anything done. Two days of this will cause me a pounding headache (probably because I’ve barely been eating), so I’ll end up just sleeping the days away. Not a good plan for the semester… Soo… Where does a budding librarian find work for 3-4 days a week? I guess I should start working on a CV and start visiting the local bookstores. Wish me luck, if only for the sake of my sanity! (Which I’m hoping can still be saved)

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3 Responses to Idle Mind = Insanity

  1. Good Luck! I really hope you find something soon, it’s awful having too much free time. And Happy New Year. It certainly means we’ll be seeing more of you here?

  2. Grace says:

    Good luck! If you know that you’re going to have a lot of extra time, maybe talk to the library and see if they have any special projects, even to work on in a volunteer capacity. It’s good to have experience doing a lot of different things before you graduate, because it’s a tough job market. 🙂

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