Musing Monday and Reading Habits.

It is 2am, and seeing as sleep has been eluding me for the past three hours, I thought I’d get starting on my Monday post. Apparently, being awake at 2am is quite common as a student, because someone is currently taking a shower. The bathroom which I share with 3 other students happens to be next to my bedroom, and I can’t help but to wonder which one of them likes to shower at 2am, because this is not the first time. And here I thought I was crazy for still being up at this time on a “school night” as they say.

On the reading front, I have gotten quite a lot done this week, and even though (or perhaps because) none of it is related to my studies, I have quite enjoyed it. One of my favorite authors, Jeaniene Frost, is as I mentioned last week coming out with a new book in just ten days, and I have been warming up and preparing all week by reading every piece of writing of hers that I had not already read. I have to admit though, I have already read all of her books, so her short stories were what I sunk my teeth into this time.

Jeaniene Frost has been included in several anthologies, so I read the stories Happily Never After, Home for the Holidays, Night’s Darkest Embrace, Devil to Pay, and Reckoning. You can find them in different anthologies, or buy them separately for kindle on Amazon, which I did for about 2$ each.

To be continued after a few hours of sleep, a few more hours of studies, and a couple of hours of working…

As for the Musing Monday of this week, I am going to describe one of my reading habits. 

Whenever I find a book that I really like, I devour it completely, and it devours me. Now when I say “really like”, I mean really like, and not just a book that is interesting or amusing. Some books are page-turners, they hold you captive from page one, and you can not put them down even if you want to, which you won’t because that is the definition of a really good book according to Dravite’s dictionary. 

I have read several such books in my life. The Harry Potter series, The Nighthuntress series, The Night Prince series, The Eragon Books (The Inheritance series), The Elder Races books and some of the books about The Black Dagger Brotherhood are just a few examples, and I neither can nor will I compare them because they are all such good books in their own right. Whenever I start a book like that, I read. And read. And read, until there is nothing left to read and I don’t remember who I am any more. 

Have you ever had that feeling? You get so submerged in a book, it’s characters and the plot, that you forget to eat and sleep, and soon you forget who you are. Your mundane problems disappear, and you live and breathe for the characters in the book. I love those books, even though I am always at a loss when I finish them. The plot has become such an important part of your life for the day or days that you were reading, that you feel a loss when you finish it, like you’ve lost a dear friend. Now what are you supposed to do with your life? Still, it’s worth it, don’t you think? 

For the record, reading several good books in a row is not recommended, as it leads to severe lack of food, sleep and personal hygiene which is quite unhealthy over extended periods of time, and an intervention might be required, which is just plain awkward for everyone involved. So please, for your own safety, try to stick to one or two really good books, then take a break and see the mundane world again for a few days before you dive back in. 

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2 Responses to Musing Monday and Reading Habits.

  1. bookmammal says:

    When I read a book like that — one that completely overtakes me — it’s all I can do not to go up to total strangers and tell them “You MUST read this!” I tend to feel that way about very well written multi-generational family sagas. Once in awhile I’ll even dream about the characters in a such a book. I so admire authors who are able to create books that become such a part of their readers!

    • Dravite says:

      I love family sagas too! Especially those by Margit Sandemo. I don’t care what my professors say about “that kind of books”, I fell in love with her books (you have to be to read a saga that lasts 47 books) when I was 15, and I never fell out of love. Who are professors to decide what is and isn’t good literature? I’ll be a family saga-reading librarian 😉

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