Friday Finds 24.01 2014

Happy Friday everyone! Don’t you just love Fridays?

This post is going to be brief because I’m not 100% today (more like 15% actually), but I wanted to join some of the fun of Friday Finds. This means that I will be showing you the books that I have “fond” this week and that I have added to my ever-growing “to be read-pile”.

As some of you knows, I work as a library assistant while finishing my degree and officially becoming a librarian. This means that I am handling a lot of books on a weekly basis, and thus my pile keeps growing. I found these three books on Tuesday, freshly catalogued and everything I brought them home.

The first two are graphic novels, The Tempest and Macbeth by William Shakespeare. Clicking on them will show you more information about them, but basically they are classics in comic book form. I like graphic novels both from an entertaining perspective and from a teaching perspective. Personally I find most old classics to be awfully dull and boring, but I still want to know the plot because they are referred to in so many other books. Rather than watching a movie, the graphic novels are closer to the books, and from a teacher’s perspective, any reading at all is better than none.

The Lavender Garden is one of those rare popular books that I actually want to read. I’m usually not into reading what everyone else is reading, but this one caught my attention, so I’ll give it a fair chance to impress me. Do you hear that, Lucinda Riley? This is your chance.

to finish off, I want to wish you all a happy weekend, enjoy it and gather your strength for another long monday.

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One Response to Friday Finds 24.01 2014

  1. I enjoyed The Lavender Garden,I hope it meets your approval 🙂

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