Is it Spring Yet?

As some of you know I’m from Norway, and thus I thought I was used to winter and snow.
I grew up building snowmen, snow lanterns, digging caves in the pile of snow by our driveway and skiing to school. We would walk to school in the pitch black, and watch the sunset while walking home around 2pm.

Then I moved from the middle of Norway, to Northern Norway. Northern Norway is stunning, full of extremes and incredibly beautiful, but damn it’s cold up here! I’m used to the fact that the sun barely comes up during the winter, but up here it never comes up. For about a month we don’t see the sun at all, and when it starts to return it’s only for minutes, then hours.

These days, every social media site is full of pictures of spring flowers and green twigs. People in sunglasses, finally exchanging their heavy winter coats for lighter spring jackets, or dropping the jackets all together and wearing thick sweaters instead. (I’m still a bit grumpy about receiving that snap from my friend in England)
So what is the situation like up here? It’s snowing. It has been falling down heavily for 4 hours since this morning, and it is not showing any signs of stopping any time soon. Just as I was starting to dream of spring flowers, warming sun and converse shoes…

I have already had months of snow and dancing Northern Lights, it’s time for it to end. So I’m now drowning my sorrows in tea with lots of honey because no matter how much one loves the snow, it gets old after 5-6 months. We had winter in my hometown too, but it did not last 6-7 months like it does here. It’s time for spring now, weather gods… Seriously, I’m drinking more tea than plain water these days.

How is it where you live? Is it spring yet? I might just show up on your doorstep with a suitcase if it is because I am seriously freezing my butt off up here…

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5 Responses to Is it Spring Yet?

  1. Grace says:

    Where I live, we keep getting a day or two to tease us that spring might be near, then more below freezing temperatures and snowstorms. It’s quite upsetting. I moved South to get away from harsh winters, but they seem to have followed me. 😛

  2. As much as it all sounds beautiful I don’t think I could live that long in winter, it must be hard!

    • Dravite says:

      It really is!
      It’s stunningly beautiful when everything is frozen and covered in a soft white blanket with the northern lights dancing above you, covering the entire sky.
      However, it’s freezing and so dark, and when the winter lasts from October to May, you just want it to end.
      When I moved here, they told me that they had two seasons up here. White winter and green winter…

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