Life and all that Jazz…

Soooo… No, I am not dead, though I’ll forgive you for assuming so, as it is the most likely conclusion after my long absence. Posts this summer have been few and scattered to say the least.

I have no real explanation for this, other than the admittance that I have been overwhelmed with life in general. I never thought I’d look back at last summer with longing and jealousy (seeing as I was in a lot of pain and had my life turned upside-down), but I found myself doing just that. At least I had time for myself last summer.

I have been juggling several jobs these past four months, since I haven’t been able to get enough hours anywhere to justify working just one. I have worked as a guide at the fortress, at a gas station, and as of lately I have also been working in both a kindergarden, and as an assistant in a school. I’ll bee adding in one day at the local library as well next month.

See now why I’ve been preoccupied? Add in the fact that ALL of my sisters have been home for the vacation, my parents are both selling the old house and building a new one (both require a lot of work painting and cleaning), and my father have been home only for a week now and a week then (he’s been doing a police mission in South-Sudan) and you have utter chaos and mayhem.
I have packed up my stuff and moved more times than I care to count this summer, due to sisters coming and going, some taking a bed (my bed) with as they leave, so I feel a bit like a gipsy these days, moving around and working odd jobs here and there. That is not a bad thing to be of course, I deeply admire those who can live like this, but I’m bone tired. In fact, I’ve been so beat lately that I doubted my own ability to live the life of a working adult, and I’ve been asleep by 09:30pm every single night! Turns out I was coming down really bad with the flu. 😛

Life at home is still much more hectic than I’ve grown accustomed to over the past years, even though two of my sisters have moved out for the semester, so there’s only my parents, me and my youngest sister left. My mum travels a lot through her job (who knew accountants travel all over the world on work seminars? She is currently in Poland), and my dad is busy building our new house, so it falls to me to raise my sister. She is eleven mind you, so it’s not that hard, but I still have to spend the weekend in another town on an inflatable bed with a bunch of eleven-yearolds on football camp. It’s hard to say no when the baby of the family begs you to come along because she really wants to go, but is too afraid to go alone. Flu be damned, I’ll cough and sneeze my way through this weekend. I better win the Best Big Sister Award this year.

So that has been my hectic life lately. Work, work and work, with demanding family sprinkled on top of it. There hasn’t been much time for books, but I have read Deborah Harkness’ All Souls trilogy and I loved it!

I’ll leave you now to finish packing, but I’ll leave you with a tip. Don’t take a semester off of your studies. No matter how much you need a break. Trust me, it won’t be much of a “break”.

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