Moving Again…

On the move again…
I am getting slightly tired of moving by this point, and I cannot express how ready I am to settle down in my own apartment. But alas, this is also a teeny tiny one that I am renting.

Last May, I packed up my stuff and moved home. Then this December, we all moved to our new house (and we’re still not finished with the ”moving out” part of the move), and today I moved yet again back north to finish my education.

I am now sitting on my new-old couch and waiting for the sun to return to this corner of the earth.
The night I came here, I spent about 4 hours or so sitting on this couch, waiting for the room to heat up enough for me to be able to live here. I am extremely sensitive to the cold, and I’m always freezing (I know, why on earth did I decide to study up north?!), so I spent the first evening bundled up in a huge woollen sweater and missing my blanket, which sadly had to stay back home due to the fact that I do not know any spells that will allow my suitcase to take all my belongings. Seriously though, how is a girl supposed to be able to pack everything she has a need of into two suitcases?! It’s inhumane! I had to leave so much behind, such as all my books (safely stored of course), so now I have no idea what I’ll do when I get lonely… But it came down to leaving the books, or leaving my underwear, and I’m still not sure if I made the right decision… Thank the Gods for my kindle. Sadly I have been told that clean underwear is more of a necessity than books (lies!). The library will be my lifesaver this semester. And again, my kindle of course.

The apartment is better than my last one I think. It’s older, but more spacious, and with some curtains and the heater blasting 24/7, I think I’ll do well here. My fridge is bigger; I have a freezer, a couch, and a separate bedroom, so that’s nice. The last tenant, two sisters, apparently had long dark hair, and weren’t very good at cleaning up after themselves. I have already after just four days unclogged the bathroom sink, the shower, cleaned up clothing tags left under the bed, and removed more dark hairs from my clothes and the couch than I care to think about. And a couple of dust bunnies of course… You know what’s worse than unclogging a sink and the shower? Unclogging it when someone you’ve never even met were the ones to get them clogged in the first place…

Other than that, I’m doing fairly well here. It’s cold, I miss the sun, and I have already spent 20 minutes out in the cold waiting for a bus that never showed, but I love the people here. They are so friendly, and I had no idea how much I missed it until I was back here. I feel like I can finally breathe again, and that makes up for the cold and the lack of sun. Besides, I get to celebrate the return of the sun on the 21st along with the rest of the city, drinking hot chocolate and eating delicious sun-buns. Mmmm!
And what better excuse to curl up with a cup of hot tea and a book than the fact that it’s dark and cold outside? Maybe I’ll get the Northern Lights again soon too, those totally make up for the dark months of winter here. Not for the cold or the snow, but for the darkness. I’ll let books, tea and chocolate battle the cold and the snow.

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