Tempting Fate…

I am never ever ever going to cheer out loud again.

In Norway, we pay a lot of taxes, and by a lot I mean A LOT. about 1/3 of my wage never even makes it into my bank account, but rather gets shipped off to the government. In return, we have welfare and health care that is close to free, and if something does happen to you, the state will patch you up physically and mentally as best they can without asking about insurance.

The point is, we pay a lot throughout the year, and at the end of the year someone somewhere goes through your papers and statements from your bank and your employer to see if you have paid enough. Some things give you tax benefits, such as living in a certain area, while other things such as owning property means you have to pay more. In March they send out the papers that everyone are both dreading and looking forwards to reading; have you paid enough or will you have to pay more? If you haven’t paid enough taxes, then you get a bill. If you have paid to much however, you get a nice surprise and the money is returned to you.

I paid too much last year, and just as I was finished cheering about the fact that a nice sum of money will be transferred to my account in June, the unthinkable happened.

The horror! I watched as if in slow motion as my phone (I was listening to music and doing the dishes) slid into the sink. The sink that was full of water… My phone. My beloved, shiny, almost-new phone drenched in water…
In truth, it was not so much slow motion as a painful tug in my ears as I had turned from the sink, forgetting that my phone which was connected to my ears through my headphones was in fact not in my pocket, but on the counter. My life is ruined. Or at least my week, possibly my month seeing as I’ll have to live on noodles for at least one month to be able to afford a new phone, and I can’t not have a phone! It’s my alarm clock, it’s my appointments book, it’s my source of entertainment, my source of music, it tells me when I have to leave to make it to the buss in time, how much money is left in my account, and last but not least, it keeps me connected to my friends and family.

So yes, that is my life at the moment. Woe is me.
(I know, there are worse things to complain about and worse things happening in the world, but for a student, the loss of a phone is a pretty big deal.)

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