It’s Alive!

I should have written this days ago, but some how I didn’t find the motivation to write until I sat down to work on my exam-paper. Funny how that works, I only have to glance at the stack of books and articles I should be going through to find the motivation to do ANYTHING but that. I even cleaned my entire apartment yesterday.

Anyway, as you might remember, I was in the middle of a mental breakdown last Friday. Seriously, I cried and ate my own weight in chocolate, because I dropped my beloved phone in the sink, and it wouldn’t work!

I read somewhere that you should put it in an air tight container submerged in uncooked rice, but unfortunately we didn’t have any rice in the house, so I filled the container with oatmeal instead. Same thing, right? No? But it does suck up moisture as well, so I figured it was better than nothing, and switched it out with rice a few hours later. I left it in the rice for 24 hours before attempting to switch it on, but nada. No change at all! I bet you can imagine my panic at this point, because I can’t afford a new phone right now.

A handsome fellow working at the local electronics shop told me to toast it in the oven for about five hours on 50C. I can not express how skeptical I was to this suggestion, just the thought of placing my phone in the oven for five hours was ludicrous! But it wasn’t as if it could make the situation worse, so I gave it a try, and behold, it worked! I had no expectations what so ever when I pulled it out and turned it on, so to me it appears to be a miracle.

I know though, that my phone is living on borrowed time. Something could be wrong with it, some sneaky problem lurking under the shiny surface, ready to jump out at me when it’s most inconvenient, but for now it works, so I’ll just not look a gift horse in the mouth and pretend like everything is perfect while I enjoy whatever time the two of us have left.

Maybe my phone is a zombie now? It did rise from the dead after all… Just assume my phone ate my brain in the middle of the night if you never hear from me again.

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