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Fairy Rhymes

October 2011, I went to York, England with my English class. In one of the many adorable little shops there I bought the book “fairy rhymes” by Carol Tibbs. The book is a collection of poems, and it is absolutely … Continue reading

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Greeting the Sun in New Ways.

Today, the 21st of January, I shall see the sun again. This is quite a big deal, seeing as I have not seen my dear friend at all for a month now. I live very very far north in Norway, … Continue reading

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A Witch’s Ode to Coffee

Because in my opinion, Philosophy class at 8 am on a Monday morning is just plain cruel, and I seriously need help staying awake through these… I am one of those coffee-loving witches. I stumbles across this, and it was … Continue reading

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Visit to the Spiritual Fair.

Isn’t it funny how, when you’ve decided that it’s really about time you do some laundry, tidying and cleaning; a thousand things that you have to do pops into your head? Like now, as I started cleaning I was reminded … Continue reading

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Energy Overload and Silver Broomsticks

Merry Meet, and a good morning to you all! Am I the only one who is dependant on coffee to get up in the morning? I swear, the promise of coffee was the only thing that got me out of … Continue reading

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Healthy Living

Blessed morning/afternoon/evening to you all, depending on where you live! Here, it’s raining outside, or more like pouring really… But rather than complaining about it, I’m going to appreciate the fresh, clean air, and how it gives mean excuse to … Continue reading

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