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Moving Again…

On the move again… I am getting slightly tired of moving by this point, and I cannot express how ready I am to settle down in my own apartment. But alas, this is also a teeny tiny one that I … Continue reading

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Those Days…

Some days, one should really not be out and about with normal people. Don’t you just hate those days? When you are not in the mood to be alone, yet anything and everything about other people seems to get on … Continue reading

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Is it Spring Yet?

As some of you know I’m from Norway, and thus I thought I was used to winter and snow. I grew up building snowmen, snow lanterns, digging caves in the pile of snow by our driveway and skiing to school. … Continue reading

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Procrastination, thy name is Hot Chocolate?

Good morning my dears! How are you all this cold morning? I managed to walk to the library without falling on my face in the snow or breaking my neck this morning, which is always a cause for celebrations, don’t … Continue reading

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Easter Snow

It never cease to amuse me how a few centimetres of snow can stop an entire nation, while another nation can have 2 meters of snow and still go on as if nothing is out of the ordinary. Still as … Continue reading

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Once uppon a time; there was a girl and a Dragon… Or was it a Thunderbird?

It all begun on a beautiful morning, perhaps it was this one? -No, it was a Friday morning, so it could not have been this one. Two young women was sitting their kitchen on the fourth floor, waiting to enjoy … Continue reading

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Snow and failed Cupcakes.

Good morning, my friends As I had my morning coffee on Sunday, sitting in the window sill and looking down on the happy children, playing on the ice and throwing snowball-fights, I got an overwhelming urge to bake cupcakes. I … Continue reading

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Magical Season

Good morning, everyone, It’s the first Sunday in advent today, and we’re supposed to light a candle for joy. To light a candle every Sunday in advent is one of the nicer Christian traditions. Where I come from, this tradition … Continue reading

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